The Muppets Episode 2 “Hostile Makeover” Review by Kevin Morrison

This week, Josh Groban goes out with Miss Piggy, Fozzie and Jay Leno become friends, and there’s a battle of the Girl Scout Cookies behind-the-scenes of Up Late with Miss Piggy!

The Muppets are finding their comfort zone in this new style with their second episode and the result is still funny and enjoyable, even if there can be some improvement. You just can’t dislike the Muppets and this episode shows that while there are some quiet and strange moments for them to go through, there still is a ton of fun to be had watching them work together.



There are three different stories that intertwine with each other this week. The primary story involves Kermit getting Miss Piggy and Josh Groban together to make everyone’s lives happier (and Miss Piggy less demanding)-but then the show starts to suck because of it. After that, Kermit has to find a way to break them up. Josh Groban is great in this (and I believe there are many woman who would be jealous of Miss Piggy here) and it’s really funny to see Kermit and Miss Piggy’s relationship after they have broken up-and how much Kermit knows Miss Piggy.

            The second storyline shows Fozzie becoming friends with Jay Leno and that shows very mixed results. Maybe it’s because I am not a fan of Jay Leno, but I though the idea of Fozzie stealing a glass from Jay Leno wasn’t that special or memorable. Fozzie’s great, but the whole story felt very redundant from Fozzie’s usual role in the movies and previous shows. It was very meh.

But the third storyline makes up for that, as we see Bobo the Bear compete with the Newsman to sell cookies for their daughters Girl Scout troop (or whatever non-copyrighted group they are a part of). This was really funny and it’s cool to see side-Muppets get a story like this. Bobo’s really trying but failing throughout. I won’t spoil what happens, but I have to say the resolution of the story was really great and my favorite part of the episode.
This week’s Muppets shows there can be some improvements, but there’s also much to like. It’s a good show and between this episode and the pilot, I can only see them going up from here as long as they make the right choices. I have a suggestion on how to do that: Put Gonzo in this show more and give him a story! The few lines he had were hilarious. Hopefully, that’s in the plans…

Grade: B


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