The Notebook? A Television Series?

Yes, you read that correctly. But there are SO MANY QUESTIONS!

Will this be a success or another attempt by Hollywood to recycle previously successful material into something new and RUIN IT!? The most important question has yet to be answered like who will play Allie and Noah, two of the most iconic romance characters in recent history?

The CW is currently working on developing this and will be produced by Nicholas Sparks himself. It “will follow the romantic journey of the two beloved central characters Noah and Allie, at the outset of their blossoming relationship as they build their lives and their future together against the backdrop of the racial politics, economic inequities, and social mores of post-World War II of the late 1940s in North Carolina.”.

It sounds like it could have potential, but tread carefully, CW. This a beloved story that has won over the hearts of many!



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