The Songs of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Ranked – Episode 1 to 8


The Songs of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Ranked

First and foremost, the We Live Entertainment staff would like to congratulate Rachel Bloom on her Golden Globe nomination. It pretty much goes without saying that we are rooting for her to win it. With that being said, there is no denying that I am a huge fan and supporter of the CW series, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. In fact, just a few months ago, I wrote an article about “New Fall television shows that you should be watching but probably aren’t” and picked Crazy Ex-Girlfriend as the best show currently on the air.

Since its premiere on October 12, 2015, I have become addicted to the show and try my hardest never to miss an episode during its original airtime. While I originally fell in love with the show for being different from anything else on television as I kept watching I found even more reasons to love it. Each week, I began to analyze each episode and found so much more to love from the wide range of unique and diverse characters to the deeper themes found in almost every episode.

Its pretty clear in my eyes that Rachel Bloom has created something truly special here and now that the show has officially gone on Winter break until January 25, 2016, I have decided to do a mid-season recap of all the musical numbers in the show thus far.

Before I officially begin this countdown, I must make mention that I have own every single one of these songs thanks to iTunes and have listened to most of these songs a lot more times than I want to admit out-loud. Also, please keep in mind this is my ranking of these musical numbers and are my own personal preference. I realize that not everyone will agree with my order and if you have a different opinion, please feel free to tell me your order in the comment box below.

Well, without any more delay, here is my official ranking of the 18 musical numbers from the first 8 episodes of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. 

18. His Status Is…Preferred – (Episode 7: I’m So Happy that Josh is So Happy!)

Oddly enough, my two least favorite songs from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend are from episode 7 entitled, “I’m So Happy That Josh is So Happy”

This song takes places at a Jazz club when Paula goes on a date with Calvin Young, a new client at the law firm that her and Rebecca work at. I don’t know why exactly but I just found this song to be kind of blah my comparison of all the other musical numbers on the show. Its pretty much just a song where Paula sings about Clavin getting the finer things in life like 400 thread cotton sheets. I understand the background of the two characters being from different worlds but still this is by far the weakest song from the show so far.

17. I’m in a Sexy French Depression – (Episode 7: I’m So Happy that Josh is So Happy!)

This song is comical but incredibly dark. My wife studied French in college and deals with depression so this song really stuck with me. There is one point in the song where Rebecca talks about her anxiety and fixing things. It really is brutally honest. I have this song up so high on the list simply because I found it to be rather a downer compared to the rest of the numbers even though its incredibly comical about the French culture and such an accurate portrayal of depression.

16. Where’s The Bathroom – (Episode 8: My Mom, Greg’s Mom and Josh’s Sweet Dance Moves!)

This song is very jewish and because of that I think its one of those songs that probably went over the heads of those who aren’t aware of Jewish culture. However, with that being said, it is such a New York Jewish mother song. It really hits the nails on the head. The entire time Rebecca’s mom is just complaining about Rebecca’s lifestyle and various things going on in this world. Its a solid song but again not one for everyone.

15. I’m So Good at Yoga – (Episode 2: Josh’s Girlfriend is Really Cool!)

This song is from the episode, Josh’s Girlfriend is Really Cool! which is probably one of my favorite episodes so far. This song is all about Rebecca comparing herself to Valencia and how much better Valencia is. While I don’t think this song is very catchy or entertaining to listen to over and over again, it does exhibit that comparison that women do with one another. Its comical but not one of my favorites.

14. Settle for Me – (Episode 4: I’m Going on a Date with Josh’s Friend!)

I am not going to lie as much as I like Josh, I am definitely “Team Greg.” This musical number and the episode it played in really showcased how strong and great the chemistry between Greg and Rebecca was. The song is catchy and is comedic but also kind of deep as well. The episode really shows how broken Rebecca is as a person even though it tries to make of the situation. Again, it kind of showcases the light and dark side of relationships and the effect it has on those involved.

13. Sex with a Stranger – (Episode 4: I’m Going on a Date with Josh’s Friend!)

The musical video for Sex with a Stranger made me tweet Rachel Bloom to tell her that I think she is hands down the sexiest woman on television. I am not even kidding Rachel is so freaking hot in this video. In terms of the song itself, I think its comedic look at all the thoughts that go through your mind when having a one night stand. It plays off the whole idea that you really don’t know anything about the person you are about to have sex with and how awkward it is once the act is over. This is probably one of the most relatable song for most who watch the show.

12. I Give Good Parent (Episode 6: My First Thanksgiving with Josh!)

This song is pretty brilliant. Its sung like a Nicki Minaj song but it plays off the idea that Rebecca is everything that a parent would want in a person that their son is friends with and should be dating. This really works in Rebecca’s case since Josh’s parents don’t really like Valencia and would like nothing more than for Josh to be with a well educated woman like Rebecca. I love how raunchy the NSFW version of this song. I love the line “Yep, your folks pretty much want to fuck me” so I am putting that link below for you to check out.

11. I Have Friends – (Episode 3: I Hope Josh Comes to My Party!)

This song is catchy, silly, and a lot of fun. I think most of us have been at a point in our lives where we want to act like we have a ton of friends but really don’t. If you remember that time or maybe that time is now, check out this little ditty for a quick laugh.

10. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Theme Song

This quick and simple 30 second opening song pretty much captures the humor and themes of show in only 30 seconds. It will get stuck in your head.

9. A Boy Band Made Up of Four Joshes – (Episode 3: I Hope Josh Comes to My Party!)

I grew up in the era of boybands from New Kids on the Block to NSYNC. This boyband made up of Four Joshes is hilarious because it pokes fun at the idea of a boy band but its lyrics pretty much analyze Rebecca’s behavior and the reasons for most of her actions. I love the line, “We’ll make you understand the reasons why your mom makes you sad and why every man that you date is just a stand in for your dad.” This is one of those songs that has so much depth to it but is just fun to listen and sing along with.

8. I Love My Daughter (But Not in a Creepy Way) – (Episode 5: Josh and I Are Good People!)

This is hands down the edgiest song from the series so far. I can completely understand if people don’t like this song but I think its freaking hysterical. This song comes into play after Rebecca has multiple conversations with her boss Darryl about his relationship with his daughter. The topic is brought up because Rebecca never had a good relationship with her father which has been brought up several times throughout these first 8 episodes. This song describes how weird the father/daughter relationship can look to those who don’t have kids or don’t have a good relationship with their father. It also happens to play off those songs about fathers singing about their daughters. Trust me, if you don’t believe that they exist, just go to and type in “I Love My Daughter Songs.”

7. What’ll It Be – (Episode 6: My First Thanksgiving with Josh!)

This is kind of a beautiful and yet eye opening song that is sung by Greg. Its all about being stuck in life and not pushing yourself hard enough to achieve your dreams. Its pretty deep and showcases the vocal talent of Santino Fontana.

6. West Covina – (Episode 1: Josh Just Happens to Live Here!)

This was the first song in the pilot episode. This song was stuck in my head for days after watching the episode. It is  totally random but summarizes the entire pilot episode in about 3 minutes. I love how Broadway this musical number is.

5. I’m A Good Person – (Episode 5: Josh and I Are Good People!) 

After treating Greg like crap, Rebecca sets out to prove to him that she is a good person by helping Darryl gain custody of his daughter. The entire song is full of sarcasm and is one of the catchiest numbers so far this season.

4. Face Your Fears – (Episode 3: I Hope Josh Comes to My Party!)

This one is not only hilarious and catchy but also showcases the musical powerhouse that is Donna Lynne Champlin (Paula). This musical number plays as a parody and homage to those empowering female songs sung by Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Cher, and several others. Why does this song happen? Rebecca tells Paula that she’s afraid to throw a party since she failed at throwing one when she was a little girl. Paula sings this to Rebecca for inspiration.

3. The Sexy Getting Ready Song – (Episode 1: Josh Just Happens to Live Here!)

The Sexy Getting Ready Song is a comedic take on the differences between men and women when they are prepping to go on a big date. The whole song plays off a woman’s insecurities about her outfit and her body. The song only gets better as it goes on when a rapper randomly enters the song and begins to analyze the situation at hand and that ladies and gentleman is where the “nasty-ass patriarchal bullshit” begins.

2. Feelin Kinda Naughty – (Episode 2: Josh’s Girlfriend is Really Cool!)

This is the 2nd sexiest song/musical number from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. In this song, Rebecca becomes infatuated with Valencia and pretty much wants to become her. I truly believe that only Rachel Bloom could write a music number that is so incredibly sexy yet creepy at the same time. This is without a doubt my most listened to song of the season so far.

1. California Christmastime – (Episode 8: My Mom, Greg’s Mom and Josh’s Sweet Dance Moves!)

This is hands down the best song from the first 8 episodes of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. California Christmastime is catchy, funny, and brutally honest. I am from the East Coast and like so many others I moved to California to follow my dreams. This song captures everything about California and does it in a really sarcastic fashion. Since the original airing, I have probably watched the video below at least 20 times (don’t judge me) and I still love it just as much as the first time I saw it during the original airing.

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