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The search for Amara continues and our favorite hunters are still no closer to understanding her or her plans.  In the meantime they’ve decided to look for something to ward off boredom.  This leads them to Fall River and the legend of Lizzie Borden.  Having grown up in Massachusetts, I know this legend well and was really looking forward to an interesting take on a classic ghost story.

A young couple has been brutally murdered in Lizzie Borden’s family home in Fall River.  Not just in her home, but in Lizzie’s bedroom and with an axe.  The very instrument Lizzie was suspected of killing her Father and Step-Mother with back in 1892.  With no evidence of entry to the locked room Sam and Dean suspect a ghost.  When the innkeeper is killed in a similar fashion it appears their suspicions are confirmed.

As always, things are never what they appear.  The ghost has hit the road and killed someone a county away.  Its the same M.O. but why would the ghost of Lizzie Borden kill someone so far from the house?  Dean meets a Lizzie obsessed fan who recently met Amara and had his soul sucked out.  Between obvious signs in the hotel that the haunting is a hoax and meeting the soul-less superfan they can rule out a haunting.  We know Amara is involved and her soul sucking does lead to homicidal tendencies.

While investigating the murder of a man in his driveway and his wife a couple days later while with her boyfriend they find a woman whose also lost her soul to Amara.  She’s responsible for the killings and attacks Sam and Dean.  Thankfully our soul-less Lizzie superfan takes it upon himself to kill her and save Sam and Dean.  He knows there’s no coming back from what he did and is worried he’ll kill again.  He ends up confessing to all the murders to get himself put in jail for life.  While Dean commends him saying there must still be a way back because he’s doing something good the superfan tells him he’s just going through the motions of doing good things and that he feels nothing.

MV5BNzI5NjE2Njg2N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNjM4MjkxNzE@._V1__SX1234_SY687_Sam and Dean are having their boy melodrama moment discussing the different ways Amara effects people.  It seems everyone reacts a little different to losing their soul.  Some have been freaked out by Amara, other’s can’t get enough of her.   As they drive away Amara comes out of the nearby trees where she was listening to them.  She says “Bye Dean.  I’ll see you soon.”  The connection between Dean and Amara is strong and something tells me that nothing good can come from that.

We’ve had another week that’s very Cas light.  Last week we only heard his voice on the phone and this week he was only mentioned.  While I know he’s recovering from a curse, I miss having my weekly dose of the brooding angel.  I hope we’ll see more of him as this season progresses.

Sam and Dean seem to be working together and talking better than they have in a very long time.  Sam was excited about going to Lizzie’s house and looking into the whole situation.  Dean wasn’t as into it but needed to keep going so he doesn’t go stir crazy.  They talk to each other with out it being forced.  No one has been keeping secrets that they now have to discuss, they haven’t done anything behind the others back, they just talk like brothers and work together.  It’s a welcomed change.

MV5BMTUxMjA2NTIzNV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNTQ4MjkxNzE@._V1__SX1234_SY687_There was a lot they could have done with the legend of Lizzie Borden.  They didn’t utilize the history there as much as I would have hoped but it was still enough to tell a good story.  They kept the details of Lizzie’s case brief, however, Amara made some comments about her that shed a little light.  Lizzie was acquitted but that doesn’t change the way some people see you.  When Lizzie’s superfan speculates that it could have been Lizzie’s uncle, Amara comments that it was absolutely Lizzie.  Amara claims you could see it in her eyes, that she had “serial killer eyes.”

The Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast and Museum is a real place and there have always been stories of a haunting there.  Although Lizzie and her sister did move out after the trial, the horrific murders left their mark on the house and impacted the community.  No matter what really happened or where she went Lizzie would forever be the woman who got away with killing her Step-Mother and her Father.  We’ve had ghost stories and legends on this show before but none as real as the story of Lizzie Borden.

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