This Is Us “Pilgrim Rick” Review

This is us

This Is Us “Pilgrim Rick” Review

Right on the heels of last week’s episode, This Is Us continues to amaze and enchant audiences everywhere. This week, we get a look not only at the Thanksgiving celebrations of the past but also how they tie to our present day.

Randall is hosting Thanksgiving for all his family. The excitement and preparation are all on Randall as he makes a Thanksgiving holiday that celebrates his past and tries to bring in his present, including William. He is working all day long to make dinner and do all the activities they plan to do on the holiday when William shares what his holiday is like normally. This prompts Randall to something he normally doesn’t do and also brings out secrets from his past.

Kevin brings Olivia to the Thanksgiving celebration. After only a short time there, Olivia feels that she doesn’t belong and attempts to leave. William intervenes and gives her an amazing speech about life and moments. It really could bring you to tears just listening to him speak. One of the most profound moments in the series thus far.

This is us

After a conversation with Toby, Kate is on her way to New York to spend Thanksgiving with her family. It will be the first time we see all three of the children as adults together. After many plane delays, she is finally on her way. An awful flight experience turns her to a life-altering decision, which will be fascinating to see in the coming episodes.

The flashbacks of their past reveal where some of the traditions that Randall has included originated. Rebecca, Jack, and the three kids are on their way to Rebecca’s parents’ house when a disaster strikes. Doing the best with the circumstances and what they have, Jack makes a truly memorable Thanksgiving for the kids. It is a sweet moment filled with humor and love.

This Is Us continues to dominate television with this wonderfully beautiful family story. It has heart, drama, loss, love, and more. After this episode, we are sure to see some explosive television for the next couple weeks.

This is us

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