Time After Time “Pilot” Review

Time After Time “Pilot” Review

There is nothing more I love than a great time travel show. Being a huge Doctor Who fan, I have found myself trying to find shows that also feature time travel and I am more than delighted to see Time After Time. This show stars Freddie Stroma who plays H.G. Wells, the writer of The Time Machine. In the show, he must travel to modern day NYC to follow his friend, Dr. John Stevenson (Josh Bowman), who he now knows to be Jack the Ripper. H.G. comes in contact with the assistant curator at the museum, Jane Walker (Genesis Rodriguez), who helps him when he comes to some bad luck.

As per the request of ABC, I will not ruin any major plot points in the episode as to keep the excitement going for fans anxiously awaiting the debut. The performances in the show are fantastic and eons better than a lot of the pilot episodes of television shows. The characters have undeniable chemistry and work well together. Freddie Stroma, who I know from the Harry Potter films as Cormac McLaggen, is to die for in this show. I’m not sure if it is the accent or what, but he’d have me believing in time travel in a heartbeat. Genesis Rodriguez gives a very genuine portrayal of Jane, while Josh Bowman is chilling as John Stevenson. He gives me the creeps!

The design of the show is well done. Even the pilot version that has a disclaimer that it may not have all the special effects and such finished was breathtaking and amazing. The costume design in 1893 was beautifully done and perfect. The show is bright and exciting. There are some scenes where H.G. is seeing our time period for the first time, and the way that it was shot makes everything we’ve come to know seem so foreign and alien. It is just perfectly done.

The writing in the show is really on point and well done. The lines are sharp and quick witted with excellent social commentary. There is a particularly moving scene with H.G. and some televisions that cut to the core.

I haven’t been more impressed by a pilot episode of a show since This Is Us. I will excitedly be watching the show for as long as it is on. I suggest you check out Time After Time when it premieres on Sunday, March 5th at 9 PM for the 2-hour series premiere.

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