Timeless Episode 2: “The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln” Review


Timeless Episode 2: “The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln” Review

Following the whirlwind that Lucy has been thrown into, the team is called back once again to help find Flynn as he rummages through history. This week’s episode is center on the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. We get the see the events as they originally occurred in 1865. Back at the facility and preparing once again to travel in time, Lucy asks Rufus and Karl if anything in their lives has changed, considering hers has changed so drastically. The team then sets out to ensure that history happens as it should. This all sounds easy, but when faced with the actual events and knowing how much suffering could take place because of it, can the team really stay out of the way of history?

The performances are great with the exception of Chad Rook as Karl. It isn’t that his performance is BAD, but it just seems off from the rest of the group. The fight scenes in the episode are pretty great but could use some more practice as some of them don’t seem as realistic.

The costumes and set designs are incredibly well done. There is so much love and research that must go into the show that I’m impressed. The ornate costumes of soldiers and the crazy elaborate dresses that Lucy must wear. It really is impressive. The buildings and the rooms are all designed so beautifully and nothing seems a bit out of place.


This episode has some pretty great moments in it that involved a colored regiment in the Civil War and a truly great dilemma is presented about changing the past to better the future. The pacing of this episode felt really off. I think it was drawn out too long in some sections, but it definitely still kept my interest. I enjoy this show greatly because while it takes on very well known historical events, you get to learn even more about the surrounding events than you already knew. The show really makes history come alive!


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