Timeless “Karma Chameleon” Review

Timeless “Karma Chameleon” Review

The show starts off where the previous ended with Wyatt asking Rufus to help him save his wife. Wyatt heads to Lucy’s house to tell her that he wants to leave and get Jessica back with the lifeboat. Lucy is hesitant and tries to get Wyatt to think of the consequences. She is worried about Wyatt getting kicked off the team, but he says it is worth it. He tells Lucy to give him a 20-minute start and then tell Agent Christopher everything. Wyatt tells Rufus to act like he is being kidnapped and forced to go on the ship.

We now get to see what Flynn is up to and what — reveals to them what Rittenhouse is planning. Anthony suggests Rufus should be the one to blow the whistle. Flynn still wants to kill Rittenhouse off, and the others are trying to convince him otherwise.

Wyatt and Rufus head to Toledo in 1983 to try to stop Claire and Joe, the parents of the man who murdered his wife, from meeting each other. They arrive too late, and they have already met and must work from there.  Wyatt improvises and starts to flirt with Claire and spend time with her. Rufus is stuck with an awkward date, and they watch television together. They try to get her to go when there are tornado warnings and storms, so everyone is trapped in the hotel. Rufus is worried about the tornado destroying the lifeboat.

While Wyatt and Rufus are in 1983, Lucy calls Agent Christopher and tells her the story. Agent Christopher sees right through it. While they’re discussing it, they are interrupted by a call from Anthony. He wants to speak with Rufus, but when he isn’t available, he agrees to talk to Lucy. He wants to meet Lucy to tell her his plan to end everything. Connor tries to deter Lucy from going to the meeting with Anthony, but she says he needs to go.

Lucy and Jiya are talking and getting her ready to meet with Anthony. Jiya is upset that Rufus didn’t tell her that he was going. They are all ready for her to go to meet Anthony. They have put a tracking device on Lucy and Anthony pulls her in by gunpoint. He pulls the tracking device off her and moves her and places the tracker somewhere on a briefcase. He takes her into a building, and he holds her at gunpoint. Anthony tells her that Rittenhouse tries to control everything and they are losing control and want to try to change it to make it the way they would like it to be. Flynn is the only thing standing in their way, and he plans to destroy the mothership, and he wants her to blow up theirs as well. He says to have Agent Christopher turn on the satellite to see him blow it up.

Rufus and Wyatt split up and take one of each of them. Rufus takes the bartender, and Wyatt takes Claire. Becky, her friend, tries to distract Rufus. They are playing Ms. Pac-Man, and a guy tries to flirt with her and Wyatt tells him off in a scary way. Claire says she wants to go home but can’t because there is a thing with her mom. The stewardesses come in and say that Wyatt was looking for her and ruin everything. Wyatt is desperate and says that they have to do something.

Back in present day, Lucy tells Agent Christopher what she thinks they should do. They go back and forth and try to talk things out. Lucy wants to blow up the lifeboat, and Agent Christopher agrees, and it has to be a secret between them. Agent Christopher has photos of Anthony meeting with someone from Rittenhouse. She recognizes him as her father.

Rufus tricks him to come back to come in the kitchen where Wyatt waits. He tricks him into coming into the kitchen where the drunk guy is waiting and attacks him. The policeman comes out and stops them both from fighting when he sees Wyatt has a gun and takes it from him. Wyatt is handcuffed, and they have to break him out and stop Claire and Joe. He rushes to her room to try to stop them while they’re almost having sex. Wyatt wants to take Joe for a ride away from the hotel when Joe falls and hits his head and dies. Wyatt is visibly shaken and upset, and Rufus has to pull him away. Back at the lifeboat, Wyatt is very upset and sorry but is happy that Jessica is going to be there and alive when he gets home.

Connor and Agent Christopher finally have it out when Connor flips out. They are interrupted by the return of Wyatt and Rufus who are met with guns. Jessica is still dead, and they never found her killer. The other two women are alive, just not Jessica. The murderer lied to Wyatt. He was pulled away in handcuffs a total mess and hysterical. Jiya informs Agent Christopher that there was an explosion in Oakland but no wreckage of the mother ship. They did find Anthony’s body with gunshot wounds.

Lucy goes to see her father and tries to confront him. He tells her that she has it all wrong and that he’s glad she knows about Rittenhouse. He is happy to see her and get to speak with her. She tells him that she is disgusted with his behavior. He tells Lucy that she is part of Rittenhouse because it is in her blood. It is her legacy.

This episode was a lot of fun but also had a ton of character development. The relationship between Jiya and Rufus becomes strained when he doesn’t confide in her. Lucy and Agent Christopher get closer when they hatch a plan together. Wyatt starts to go off the rails when he sees things falling apart. The whole design of the episode is great. Of course, the costume and set design are amazing and fit perfectly in the 80s with the 80s arcade games and neon. The make-up and hair styles are on point and so nostalgic.

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