Timeless “Mrs. Sherlock Holmes” Review

TIMELESS — “Mrs. Sherlock Holmes” Episode 207 — Pictured: (l-r) Glennellen Anderson as Jane, Erica Dasher as Alice Paul, Lauren Baldwin as Mary — (Photo by Justin Lubin/NBC)

Timeless “Mrs. Sherlock Holmes” Review

The beginning of the episode opens with how history was supposed to be with the speech about women voting. Rufus and Jiya are fighting about the vision that Jiya had about Rufus’ death, and she leaves. Following a night in Flynn’s room, Lucy tries sneaking out, but Wyatt sees her leaving and confronts Flynn about Lucy and his actions with her.

The mothership has jumped again, and Lucy, Wyatt, Rufus, and Flynn must all travel back to New York City on March 4th, 1919. They think they are stopping the assassination of Woodrow Wilson, but once there, they realize that they are there to save the suffragette movement, Alice Paul from an accused murder charge, and stop Rittenhouse from changing history, as usual. They come in contact with Grace Humiston, a female investigator they call Mrs. Sherlock Holmes. They employ her help to hopefully save Alice Paul and get the suffragette movement back on track. Despite their best efforts, they have to make the best of what they can with what is left of history.

TIMELESS — “Mrs. Sherlock Holmes” Episode 207 — Pictured: (l-r) Goran Visnjic as Garcia Flynn, Malcolm Barrett As Rufus Carlin — (Photo by Justin Lubin/NBC)

In Rittenhouse Headquarters, we get a glimpse into the relationship between Nicholas and Emma and perhaps some discord between them and their intentions. Nicholas wants Emma to stay out of the way and let a man do the work where they jump. The team-up of Rufus and Flynn was enjoyable during this episode. They have great comedic timing between them and have great chemistry. Rufus has some great lines in this episode, but the best line has to be “Flynn it up, Flynn.”  When they come in contact with Emma, she surprises them by her actions and gives us some insight into her personality, beliefs, and her life prior.

While the team works in 1919, Mason and the others to try to recover anything they can from the explosion at Rittenhouse Headquarters. Working through the endless pile of debris, Jessica offers to help him, and Jiya joins them to distract herself from worrying about Rufus. They discover a piece of data that is salvageable and sheds some suspicion on a newcomer.

TIMELESS — “Mrs. Sherlock Holmes” Episode 207 — Pictured: Matt Lanter as Wyatt Logan — (Photo by Justin Lubin/NBC)

The theme of the week is very obviously female empowerment featuring strong female characters and taking charge and working toward the good of all.  Lucy gives an immensely riveting speech to Grace that is inspirational and captures the essence of the entire episode.

A bit of a controversial comment was added at the end of the episode where Lucy asks Agent Christopher who she voted for and Rufus asks who the President is. This prompts Agent Christopher to ask if Donald Trump was supposed to be president? I think the comment was a general “we can’t believe this is real” and not a particularly politically motivated comment, but it did ruffle a few feathers for people.

Timeless continues to utilize history to teach us lessons about ourselves, the current world, and our actions impacting the history of the world. The characters and stories continue to captivate an audience and leave us begging for more, as evidenced in Timeless winning the USA Today Save Our Shows 2018.

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