Timeless “Space Race” Review


Timeless “Space Race” Review

The group finds themselves back in the past as the Apollo 11 mission is underway. They must race to find what Flynn is trying to do to disrupt history and change the present.

Lucy is stuck as a secretary because of the time period. Therefore a lot of the legwork relies on Rufus and Wyatt. Once they make it to mission control, they realize that the communications have been sabotaged and the astronauts are stuck on the moon and could die there. While Rufus and Lucy are frantically trying to fix the computers and the communication, Wyatt is tracking down Flynn. He has latched himself onto a woman named Maria who works at Lockman, the defense company who helped build the lunar module. Wyatt follows them in an attempt to see what Flynn is doing.


Lucy and Rufus try to fix the computer but need to enlist the help of another woman, Katherine Johnson. She is the smartest person in the building but remains behind the scenes since she’s a woman and African American. With her help, Rufus manages to fix the computers, but not before Anthony comes and tries to stop him. Anthony is so sure that he knows who Rufus is, that he doesn’t see his next move coming. Stunned and a little shocked, Anthony retreats and Lucy and Rufus leave.


Wyatt discovers Flynn’s motive for attaching himself Maria is personal and nothing to do with Rittenhouse at all. This lights a fire in Lucy who pushes Agent Christopher to let her save her sister and bring her life back to the way it was. The group has all come back from this mission with a little more information about themselves and Flynn.

This was an exciting episode that centered on a truly iconic moment in American history. It was interesting, engaging and extremely fun to watch the group maneuver through this period.

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