Timeless “Stranded” Review


Timeless “Stranded” Review

The team’s worst fears have been realized, and they are stranded in 1754 in what will become modern-day Pittsburgh. They are being chased and are captured by the French. Wyatt manages to escape and get everyone out. They make their way back to the time machine only to find Flynn’s team trying to sabotage it. They manage to blow a hole in the side of it, effectively stranding the team there.

Rufus tries to figure out a way that the team can fix the time machine and get back. Meanwhile, he enacts protocol, which is trying to leave a message for the future to find. Back in the present day, Jiya and Connor are trying to find and decipher the message and best help the team.


This has not been an easy trip for the team. They are still feuding over their lies to each other and try to work together. While arguing, they are again captured, but this time by Native Americans. In an incredibly brave action, Rufus manages to save the team, and they are free again to try to fix the time machine. The only way that can be done is entering enemy territory, working as a team and getting back to the present day.

In this episode, we get a bit of developed of relationships and characters outside of the team. We learn a little more about Jiya and Rufus as well as Connor and Rufus. Agent Christopher begins to become suspicious of Connor Mason, and we get more development there.



The writing in this particular episode is well done. There is a lot of suspense that makes the episode even more exciting. The scene at the end of the episode where Wyatt talks to Lucy about fate is perfectly crafted and brings the audience right back into the show. It is just as exciting as the first episode. The team is binding back together, and the show is stronger than ever with great special effects, immaculate¬†costumes, and excellent writing. Next week’s episode is sure to be a treat.

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