TV Review: We Are Lady Parts, 1×6, “Sparta”

Chike Coleman reviews the season one finale episode of We Are Lady Parts, "Sparta."
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We Are Lady Parts concluded with episode six, aptly entitled Sparta.  The entire episode focused on each group member’s individual journeys and how that break-up defined them, at least for part of the episode.  I loved the resolution of this episode which I will speak on later but more profoundly, what makes me proud to love the show is its honesty regarding how these women struggle and continue to persevere despite the obstacles placed in their path. I’m happy to see that spotlighted in a show that focuses on the lives of young Muslim women.

Ajana Vasan does her best work as Amina here.  She’s completely cut off from her identity not only as a musician but as a Muslim woman in British society, thanks to the article written by Zarina.  The whole season has been about Amina finding her voice and figuring out where she feels comfortable and respected.  To see her continuing to date random guys to find her perfect match in parallel to her friend Noor was cringe.  Mainly my disgust of this scene came from the fact that her date asked her whether she did blowjobs.  I hate that her date’s distasteful question had to be one of her last straws, but I understand how and why that was triggering.  Amina’s parents encouraged her to continue to be different because they didn’t learn that being different can be good if it makes you happy until they were much.  I love Amina’s parents because they never forced her to live by cultural norms. They were just oddballs, and it took their love to make Amina truly appreciate herself.

Bisma was working at a temp agency because she saw being a part of Lady Parts as dead since Saira’s insulting outburst.  I love that the split of the band forced Bisma to be more responsible.  Throughout the series, Nida Manzoor made it appear as Bisma could just spend her life doing whatever she wanted as long as she took care of her responsibilities as a mother.  Manzoor smartly grounded the character, forcing him to make an income where Bisma would hate it most.

Momtaz was basically the brains of the band, and I loved her tactic to get the band back together.  I should have seen it coming when another side of Twitter dismissed the article and decided to like the band for their music and their message.  The conversation Momtaz has with Saira about getting the band back together and apologizing to the women was fantastic and shows how the manager is really the glue that keeps the band together.

As with so many episodes of this show, we come to Sarah Kameela Impey as Saira.  She steals every moment she’s given in this finale.  From the reveal that part of the reason she has such a rough dark edge is because that’s her way of dealing with the trauma of her sister’s death and honoring her punk legacy at the same time.  Saira’s version of saying I’m sorry to the band is straight-up hilarious.  The fact that Saira’s partner finally decides they don’t need a label to care about each other is the weight lifted off Saira’s shoulders that she needed.

The show ending on the Queen classic We Are The Champions represents these women being champions of their own story and destiny.  I love this episode and this show because it celebrates how difficult and awesome being different can be, whether that be the clothes you wear, the music you like, or how you identify.  It all deserves to be celebrated, and if you can’t celebrate, at least respect it.  Without those unique perspectives in our lives, the world would never progress.  We Are Lady Parts, and I hope we all get an encore from this series in the future.

We Are Lady Parts is now streaming on Peacock.

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