TV Review: How I Met Your Father, 1×3, “The Fixer”

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“The Fixer” is one of those episodes of How I Met Your Father that really allows me to see the potential of the show for the first time. In this episode, Sophie tries to get Jesse a date based on a profile picture Sophie takes for him to add on Tinder. Jesse is bored of being known as the proposal fail guy from YouTube. Meanwhile, Ellen and Charlie are trying to find apartments in New York City. Ellen emphasizes that she doesn’t want a roommate and would rather live alone, whereas Charlie doesn’t feel comfortable living alone in a city as large as New York City. Both Charlie and Ellen work very hard to avoid being roommates, with each making colossal mistakes along the way to be independent.

Of course, they realize they really truly do need each other by the end, but it’s what they do to each other that makes the whole episode interesting. Jesse and Sophie go to a bar after Jesse’s photoshoot in front of where he works. This activity catches the attention of the vice principal, Drew (Josh Peck). It’s clear that Drew and Sophie have some form of chemistry and the photoshoot with Sophie encourages Jesse to put himself out there a little more.

This episode was all about pushing your friends past their comfort zone. Most of the time, forcing people to come out of their comfort zone allows them to realize new things about themselves, and that’s the case here. The chemistry of all the main characters is starting to come into focus, and Hilary Duff is now not the only shining light in this Hulu series. Surprisingly, what makes this show watchable is the idea that Hilary Duff is so optimistic about love because she didn’t have that same level of care growing up. What is even more remarkable is that she’s getting other people to embrace that in themselves, thus creating a Ted Lasso-like effect.

That’s where the show’s heart truly comes from, even when the comedy doesn’t land. A specific example of that occurs in the bar. Sophie incorrectly judges that a person Jesse has bought drinks for is only interested in him because of his notoriety as an Internet fail. Sophie comes to his defense and loses Jesse an opportunity for a true nightcap. The comedy of errors wasn’t funny, but the heartwarming defense of Jesse endeared me to Sophie.

It’s becoming abundantly clear that these characters do care about each other. It’s just going to take time for them to truly display that on-screen week in and week out. Such are the growing pains of a spin-off to a highly successful brand of IP. At this point, I have no doubt that How I Met Your Father will get there, and when it does, it’s going to be legen… wait for it! dary. Hopefully, Jesse and Sophie will find the great love of their life and may be in each other. One last thing that I neglected to mention is that Drew met Sophie before at Sid’s engagement party. This means that anyone at the engagement party could potentially be the father of Sophie’s son, not just the core group of guys. The plot thickens. Let’s see how many pages this series turns because it’s an interesting read so far.

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