TV Review: How I Met Your Father, 1×7, “Rivka Rebel”

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This week’s episode of How I Met Your Father focuses on how people in their 30s value their careers. The focal point of “Rivka Rebel” is Sophie. She’s finally gotten the big break she wants as a photographer for a famous fashion company. The catch with this new career position is that she has to photograph the daughter of the editor’s Bat Mitzvah. She enlists the help of Valentina, only to discover later on that Valentina’s job is not nearly as glamorous as she makes it seem.

Jesse and Syd are both struggling with crises of their own. Jesse very much wants to write music again and put the past behind him. Sid very much wants to do a second wedding in New Delhi, India but is afraid his fiance will not be okay with such an extravagant extra expense. Lastly, Charlie and Ellen are continually at odds because Charlie feels accomplished in his job and wants the world to know it, whereas Ellen still hasn’t found the job for her.

This episode works because it speaks to something that many people don’t consider about millennials — they struggle. This can be anything from our identity to what our career is. I love that the writers chose this specific aspect of adult life to focus on because I feel like it’s largely ignored by the population as a whole.

Sophie definitely struggles to keep the attention of the editor’s fussy tech-obsessed daughter. I enjoyed that she only prevails getting what she needs because of a placebo effect of kids thinking they were on specific hard drugs when in reality they had just taken pain killers and mints. As a result of the whole event, Valentina learned to be more sure of herself.

The guys had a much harder task because they had to make sense of why they were struggling to get things done in their own lives. With Jesse not thinking he can write again, I’m glad that Sophie’s lucky charm came into use by the end of the episode. I still don’t like Ellen as a character. I feel she’s pretty useless because all she does is complain about what she doesn’t have yet rather than trying to use that as motivation to become a better person. She feels like a leech. Even though he can be annoying, Charlie’s endearing because he is constantly working to be the best version of himself possible.

I know seeing more stories like these will give millennials the visibility to say there are other new and interesting things they’re struggling with that can be incorporated into the show later on. I am glad for once that we did not have a romance plot, and the comedy definitely worked, especially when you’re looking at the idea of bird makeup tutorials. I look forward to more fun chaos in the next episode, but I also do want to get closer to who the father is.

How I Met Your Father is now streaming on Hulu.

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