TV Review: How I Met Your Father, 1×8, “The Perfect Shot”

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In “The Perfect Shot,” Sophie was on the hunt for the perfect shot to showcase her photography skills to her potential new boss. Sophie’s problem was that she lacked confidence and needed proof that it’s good to be a dreamer. On her journey to find the perfect shot for her portfolio she breaks her tooth. This is extremely discouraging to Sophie because she doesn’t want to look bad in front of her employer. After Sophie breaks her tooth a second time she gets her perfect shot.

The photo involves Jesse fixing her car. She finally meets Drew at a teacher’s appreciation party. While she’s there, she learns that Drew offered Jesse a job as a music teacher, and he didn’t take it because he values making his music more than trying to inspire children to do the same. This forces an argument between Drew and Sophie where he reveals that he doesn’t believe in her dream to be a professional photographer. This causes the couple to break up and for Sophie to realize that she needs to date a guy that believes in her. She realizes that Jesse is that guy, and they kiss.

In the grand scheme of the series as a whole, this is not a bad episode. The story is weak because not all the characters interact with each other. Is it funny that Sophie broke her tooth twice? Absolutely. Did we need to see that same accident happen more than once? No. It turns out it is possible to overmilk a joke. My problem is that the writers have made characters full of life and trying to figure things out but you stick them in these pointless situations that don’t reflect how much they’re struggling in their 30s. I’m more interested in seeing how they get out of struggle than watching them be buried by it.

My main problem with an episode like this is that the humor doesn’t hold the way it should. I should be laughing hysterically at the fact that Sophie broke her teeth more than once in the same spot. I should be feeling like Jesse is endearing throughout the entire episode, but I don’t. Most of the reason why this story is silly but also important is that people struggle to make that next step. You’re only as valuable as your last great work in the professional world, and Sophie knows this. This is why she’s putting herself under so much pressure to succeed because she doesn’t want to be seen as just another person that struggles.

Everyone in that front group needs to learn resilience and stop looking at the past. That’s what is ultimately holding them back. The more quickly they learn this lesson the better people they will become. The romance at the end of the episode proved that. Before the end of the season, I need to see these characters fully come into themselves because, without that growth, the rest of this season and the next that has already been ordered don’t have anywhere for the characters to journey to. I want to see how they get inspired and where that takes them. That will make this journey of finding out who the father is all the more interesting.

How I Met Your Father is now streaming on Hulu.

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