TV Review: Peacemaker, 1×7, “Stop Dragon My Heart Around”

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Forgiveness is a crucial part of “Stop Dragon My Heart Around.” It came on the part of Chris forgiving his father for the years of torture he endured as a child. Robert Patrick does an excellent job at playing the younger version of Auggie. He has always been a racist redneck. I was kind of shocked to see Auggie make Chris face off against his brother. The ensuing fight was just one punch too many for his brother Keith. Any audience member can see that the passing of Keith was accidental but entirely brought on by his father’s abusive behavior.

Furthermore, it was nice to see Harcourt working with Adebayo after she planted the diary that gets Peacemaker framed for all the different crimes that occurred throughout this season. I almost understand why Amanda Waller would want her daughter to implant such a diary to a certain degree. If anything went sideways, the team would need a fall person, and because he is arrogant and foolhardy, Peacemaker would be the right person to blame.

I’m not surprised by the death of Clemson Murn, butterfly leader extraordinaire. I can say with complete certainty when the police of butterflies swarmed in and killed Murn, I was sadder about the cold disrespect with which he was dispatched than the actual violence itself. Being on the character side in this situation was difficult given all that I had seen him do before. However, when that little butterfly came out and touched Harcourt’s finger for one last time, it was surprisingly moving. He did everything to support that team and lost his life for it.

Generally, episodes like these aren’t particularly strong because they have so much to wrap up before the finale. This is definitely the case with this week’s episode, but they do it in a clever way where they never spend too much time in one place. The team is always moving and learning new information at the same time so that we keep pace with the action. This all helps in utilizing the episode’s 39 minutes well.

Peacemaker has always been about forgiving yourself and figuring out who you are. Audiences will love that Chris finally got some relief and forgave himself for what happened in his childhood. Nothing broke my heart more than when he was sobbing in the veterinary clinic because Eagly had the potential of dying. Another heartbreaking and hilarious moment that only this show could deliver.

This was a solid episode of television that answered a lot of the hanging threads audiences were curious about. Next week’s monster will be colossal, so I will love to see how the team handles the challenge of the Cow. Hopefully, Peacemaker can force his adversary to give peace a chance. We’ll have to see.

Peacemaker is now streaming on HBO Max.

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