TV Review: Ted Lasso, 2×12, “Inverting the Pyramid of Success”

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Ted Lasso’s season finale provides a sense of closure to all of the storylines for this season of the award-winning Apple TV+ program. The best thing about this finale is it goes in every direction you expect it to, but it leaves you with new questions. In the finale, Ted is struggling with learning that Nate was the cause of the article written by Trent Crimm (The Independent). “The Inverted Pyramid of Success” is a great episode that really showcases how far every character has come, whether that’s in a positive direction or a negative one. This entire episode is about leaving the nest. Keely is taking on a new job at her own marketing firm, Nate taking a job with Rupert (out of spite), Sam staying with Richmond, and Beard broke up with his girlfriend (wait, no, they’re still together).

What really makes this episode refreshing is how Ted deals with the blowback from the article. He really doesn’t rise to it; he doesn’t get angry; he apologizes to his team for not being more straightforward but continues to coach because he knows that’s his job. In my mind, Ted sees no place for anger. However, I was thrilled when Ted chose to confront Nate about revealing his panic attacks, so both parties could understand why one wanted to hurt the other.

There is much credit due to Nick Mohammed for his thoughtful yet bitter response. He tells Ted he felt ignored and invisible. Definitely a powerful statement about the relationship between Nate and Ted. The only problem with that statement is how it’s clearly coming from Nate’s own insecurities, meaning a lot of what he says is categorically false. It definitely doesn’t make Ted feel any better about himself or the situation he’s in. Having said that, he realizes that Nate is not healthy for the team even though they’re running a formation he invented, and he’s getting full credit. It’s a dark turn for Nate but also necessary for the growth of all the characters.

One relationship that I categorically love is the one shared between Roy and Keeley. I love that the writers don’t give that couple the easy way out. One of them is moving on and moving up, while the other has to watch. This seems ironic because Roy was the one moving up initially, and now the opposite has happened, which may affect their relationship long term. I think that’s a very interesting way to tell the story of a couple and ask the question, how do these two people who live different lives but love each other stay together? It’s questions like that that make this show number one on Apple TV and popular worldwide.

Ted has always been one about forgiveness, and while he continues that trend here, he doesn’t remain unscathed from the effects of Nate’s negativity. I am delighted that Richmond is back in the Premier League. I don’t know whether that will truly lead to the championship the show has been moving towards. Conversely, I’m unsure whether or not it will lead to relegation once again. Either way, this show continues to take viewers to new places and ask tough questions in earnest and empathetic ways. I can’t wait until we get the next season sometime in August 2022.  We may not have gotten a happy ending, but we got a hopeful one. That’s all Sudekis and company could ever ask us to feel. Diamond Dogs dismount!

Ted Lasso is now streaming on Apple TV+.

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