TV Review: Ted Lasso, 2×3, “Do the Right-est Thing”

Chike Coleman reviews episode 3 of Ted Lasson season 2, 'Do the Right-est Thing."
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“Do the Right-est Thing,” episode three of Ted Lasso written by Ashley Nicole Black, is so far the best episode of the show’s second season.  The episode begins with Jamie Tartt being hazed back onto Richmond FC because no one trusts he is a changed man.  I love Jamie basically being a prisoner of his own past actions.  It demonstrates for Jamie just how much his toxicity affected those around him and how their memories are long.  Furthermore, this episode serves as a lesson for the team to fight their way out of the championship league.

Meeting Nora and the return of Sassy was a treat beyond belief.  Nora has all the insightfulness of her mother and all the emotions of the 13-year-old girl that she is.  Kiki May is amazing as Nora.  This is the actress’ first acting credit, and it’s a stunning debut.  All credit to her, she had to come into an established show where fandom expectations were high, and she soared.  Specifically, May excelled at the quick-witted sincere dialogue but kept the nervousness when being near her character’s crush Sam Obisanya.  Part of why I loved this storyline is that, yet again Hannah Waddingham portrays Rebecca as someone who has to relearn how to be a godparent after being absent for so many years.  I love the unease of those initial interactions between Nora and Rebecca.  The fact that Roy Kent successfully schools Rebecca on how to be an aunt is priceless.

Sam’s storyline going against the Nigerian government was fantastic.  Learning that Dubai Air was causing damage to Nigeria was devastating.  However, what was equally uplifting was Sam’s decision to tape over the airline logo on his jersey.  To see him fight for his home was deeply moving, as was Jamie taping his shirt in solidarity.

The best moment was watching Nora get embarrassed by seeing and spending time with Sam.  I also love that the writers didn’t hold over our heads whether Ted and Sassy would tell Rebecca they slept together.  Instead, making it the best opening joke of the episode.  I want more moments like the opening scene where adult things happen, and it’s no big deal.

The thing I love about Ted Lasso is that the questions that have been laid out for the audience have equally entertaining answers.  This, along with the show’s demonstration of empathy and forgiveness, continues to make the show an equally compelling watch.  I can’t wait to see what happens next with Sam and Jamie.

My hopes for next week are to follow the repercussions of Sam speaking out against the Nigerian government.  I also want to clearly learn how deep of a financial hole the team is in and have the front office formulate a plan to get the team a solid sponsor.  Furthermore, I want to see more joy in the show.  I hate this continuous feeling of dread that everything with the team will fall apart.  I hope something or someone pulls them together.

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