‘Legion’ Recap: Lenny Returns And It Isn’t Pretty

Tuesday night’s Legion Season 2, Ep. 5, titled “Chapter 13” saw the supposedly dead Lenny unexpectedly show up at Division 3, disoriented and jonesing for drugs. David and the crew try to figure out how she’s there and if she’s still working for the Shadow King.

Here’s what happened:


— Clark steps into a room that appears to be upside down, with the floor as a ceiling and a ceiling with a view of the skyline below. Why? Not sure. Lenny is at the table, and he begins to evaluate her. How is she walking and breathing? For a refresher, the last time we saw the real Lenny, her body parts were stuck in the wall at the mental hospital, after David had a meltdown and used some of his powers.

Now, she seems to be the old Lenny, begging for drugs, but her eyes are blue. That’s a big red flag. She also tells a story of her sordid upbringing with her grandmother, who would drink vodka in a Rondo Citrus Soda can with Lenny. At age 9. Clark asks, “Are you the Shadow King?” No, she isn’t exactly but says Farouk has found a body in the desert. And she really just wants to talk to David.

Side note: I’m really hoping at some point they are going to explain exactly what is Division 3 and how that “building” came to be because there are just so many weird things about it, almost to the point of ridiculousness.

— Flashback (if that’s even a thing with this show) to Oliver (he’s back, too!) and Farouk driving in the desert to dig up a body. It’s a female of some sort (although we don’t see it in its rotting form), and they take some of her skin and put it in a device, a device Oliver stole for D3 when he and Lenny ransacked it a few episodes earlier.

— Then it’s Ptonomy’s turn to interrogate Lenny and find out whose body she has. Because he can remember everything and sees other people’s memories, he could get the bottom of this, but whatever Farouk did to give Lenny her life back has stumped Ptonomy – and sends him into a nightmarish tailspin of a delusion. Nope, he can’t crack it either. Better send in David.

— We get another little “lesson” from our intrepid teacher about conspiracy and how the human mind interprets it. Thanks, voice-over guy.

— Flashing back again, there are Farouk and Oliver following a submarine-styled food truck labeled “Dead Sea Donuts,” which is being operated by construction men, who seem to be climbing in and out of a hole buried in the desert. Don’t ask because I can’t explain it to you. This season of Legion is almost getting too weird and disjointed to be enjoyed. Just when there might be some kind of cohesiveness, they delve straight back into the inexplicable strange. Maybe this is supposed to expand my mind in some way, but at 9:00 at night, I don’t want to have to think this hard.

— In any event, Oliver and Farouk engage in the most philosophical conversation of the episode about morality. It’s deep, that’s for sure, and maybe we get a glimpse on who this Oliver guy is going to finally end up being – that is if he ever gets back to the real world. Then Oliver says he is going to kill Farouk, at some point, but in a less menacing, more “if the opportunity should arise” kind of way.

— David and Lenny finally meet face to face. She admits she is still working for Farouk but has no idea to what extent. David reads Lenny’s mind and sees images of himself and his sister, Amy. He also sees Lenny, naked, in a hole in the desert, as if she’s been born. Whose body is she really in?

— Here it is: Farouk and Oliver follow the sub to a place in the desert with windmills. Amy and her husband are there, under D3 protection. First, Oliver turns the husband into ash, and then, using the device with Lenny remnants, they transform Amy into Lenny (and it looks very painful). David is horrified because this is clearly an attack on him by Farouk. I thought they were supposed to be working together, in some tenuous truce? Well, that’s not going to happen now.

There are still about a million questions I have about the show – D3 just being one of them and that Fukuyama guy with a lantern for a head (and who might be an alien) and his Vermillions, for another. I guess I’ll keep watching if not for my agonizing curiosity to have this all explained to me.

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