TV Review: How I Met Your Father, 1×2, “FOMO”

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The second episode of How I Met Your Father proves the show can try to be fun but not always achieve it. This episode centers on a wild club known as FOMO, and Sophie, Valentina, and Charlie are all going to the club to help Charlie make friends in New York. Sophie enlists the help of Jesse, Ellen, and Sid to give Charlie a warm welcome to the Big Apple. The problem with Sophie’s invitation is that Sid interprets it as a dating invitation between Jesse and Sophie. This, of course, results in comedic disaster. Jesse reads signals his friend indicates rather than just asking Sophie what she would like to happen. Sophie is also still hung up on her tender match Ian. This leaves very little room for Jesse to truly get to know Sophie.

I’m going to level with the audience. When How I Met Your Mother did this in their first season, it was funny because the show constantly flashed back to other events in the same space. Because of this, there are always new pieces of the story to discover. In the case of this episode, that is the furthest thing from true. The characters all have their little quirks, especially Ellen, who uses the time at the club to try and meet other lesbians.

Ellen is rejected throughout the entire night but sees the whole event as a positive because that just proves that there are so many amazing lesbians she hasn’t met yet. To me, this is the most stupid plotline you could come up with for a comedy for a character that hasn’t been fully established yet. Trying to make her a less successful clone of Barney Simpson really doesn’t endear us to the character. In fact, it makes us dislike her. So far, there is no heart within that character, and it shows because of her random actions throughout the night. Chris Lowell continues to do everything to make us feel bad for his character. I can honestly say I did feel sympathy for him being set up for something that wasn’t happening. No one should have to experience that.

The episode itself isn’t bad. It’s literally the fact that these characters really aren’t doing anything to support each other. If Sophie was more supportive of Valentina and her breakup with Charlie, that would be one thing. If either Sid or Charlie were supporting Jesse about being stood up by Sophie, I would care more. Unfortunately, none of those individuals did anything to support the major players going through anything. This is a sign that this show needs a lot more work. I don’t care as much about finding who is Sophie’s ex-husband what I care about is whether these people eventually gain the maturity to accept love when it is in front of them. We’ll just have to wait and see.

How I Met Your Father is now streaming on Hulu.

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