TV Review: How I Met Your Father, 1×9, “Jay Street”

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“Jay Street” was one of those episodes that surprised me. Part of this involved the idea of returning characters from How I Met Your Mother. The other big surprise was referencing the Goliath corporation, also from the “Mother” show. The theme of this week’s episode is all about choices. Sophie chooses between starting a relationship with Jesse or continuing one with the vice-principal Drew. Jesse can create a new relationship with Sophie or rebuild his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Meredith. Sid and his fiancé Hannah are working on wedding planning. Charlie is busy feeling homesick in the United Kingdom because his friends were too busy with their drama to enjoy soccer with him at the bar.

I enjoyed this episode because when you’re in young adulthood, you constantly have to make difficult choices, especially when it involves relationships. I made decisions based on whether I trusted the person to be a long-term partner. Sophie is facing that dilemma because she feels like her profession should be valued when it is not appreciated by the current partner she has in Drew. While Jesse realizes his mistakes from his previous relationship, he is afraid to tread backward by being in a relationship with Meredith.

Honestly, who could blame either of them? Both characters feel like they’ve been in a rut since the beginning of the series, and they have an opportunity at happiness but don’t know whether it’s genuine or not. I would be nervous too. As much as I enjoyed this episode, the best part wasn’t the cameo at the beginning of the story. That was nice on its own. The moment that captured my attention was the realization is that no matter how much time and attention Charlie gets from Valentina, there will still be parts of his new home that cause him to be homesick.

His reaction after all of the effort his girlfriend went to to make their apartment British central was heartwarming and heartbreaking all in the exact moment. It’s there that you truly learn that even though Charlie is still growing up and making all the adult decisions without the money he used to have, there are comforts from home that he profoundly misses that even his girlfriend can’t replicate.

Beyond just being a solid episode of How I Met Your Father, this show continues to break ground in what it’s like to be in your early 30s trying to live the life your parents said was possible. Ellen is the only character that continually gets the short end of the stick, and I wonder why that is? Every character has grown exponentially since the pilot episode. Still, she continually only gets moments where she’s trying to figure things out, and it’s solved before the episode is over without the audience even being able to pick up on it. I don’t know whether that’s a good thing or not, but either way, I feel like it’s a crime not to have her more involved in the lives of her friends.

I look forward to the conclusion of this two-part episode to discover what becomes of Sophie’s potential new relationship. I’m glad that there will be more pages to Sophie’s love story once this series concludes.

How I Met Your Father is now streaming on Hulu.

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