“Twin Peaks: The Return” Review: Part 10

“Twin Peaks: The Return” Review: Part 10

Another week, another trip into the beautiful mind of David Lynch. The plot synopsis (or lack thereof) for Twin Peaks: The Return Part 10 is simply “Laura is the one,” and no matter how many times I’ve seen it, I still get goosebumps seeing the infamous “class picture” during the opening credits. Laura Palmer is, and always will be, the driving force and face behind Twin Peaks as a series. When the beloved Log Lady told Deputy Hawk that line, I was brought back to that pilot episode in 1990, and was awestruck as to just how far this series has come, while always remaining faithful to its roots.

Part 10 of The Return opens with everyone’s favorite Horne, Richard! After running over a child, the evil incarnate tracks down a witness to the crime, and murders her in cold blood. We also find out that Richard’s grandparents are Sylvia and Benjamin Horne, as the psychotic murderer steals his grandmother’s jewelry and money. This prompts a bigger question: who the heck is Richard Horne? My personal theory (among others around the web) is that he is the son of Audrey Horne and Evil Cooper, but we will see, maybe?

“Hello, Johnny, how are you today?”

Speaking of Cooper, we get some genuine “attractive time” with Dougie Jones. Janey-E (Naomi Watts) takes her Dougie to the doctors for a checkup, because obviously something’s not right with him. However, not only is Dougie healthy; he’s perfectly perfect in every way imaginable. He’s ripped as hell, and all of a sudden, Janey-E wants some of the Dougie, if you know what I mean. Hopefully this means the “real” Agent Cooper is trying desperately to break out of Jones.

In one of the more-or-less captivating storylines, the Mitchum brothers take up way too much of this episode. The characters come and go as they please, only they aren’t interesting characters to begin with. I kept finding myself thinking, “Who are they?”

However, it was the scene in which Gordon Cole opened his hotel room door to an image of Laura Palmer, ghostly and loud, that was the highlight of Part 10 for me. In true Twin Peaks fashion, there is no rhyme or reason for this, at least on the surface. The reaction on Cole’s face, mixed in with the sound design and nightmare-like imagery, makes for a fully realized “Lynchian” moment.

Part 10 isn’t the best episode of Twin Peaks: The Return, but is certainly one with its share of exceptional moments. Rebekah Del Rio’s (also seen in Lynch’s Mulholland Drive) mesmerizing performance of “No Stars” was an enthralling and exquisite way to end episode 10. It left me with chills down my spine, and I’m sure it will do the same to you.

Twin Peaks airs Sunday nights on Showtime.




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