“Twin Peaks: The Return” Review: Part 11

 “Twin Peaks: The Return” Review: Part 11

“There’s a fire where you’re going,” the Log Lady says to Hawk, as he and Sheriff Truman map-out their journey to the black lodge. Agent Gordon Cole has perhaps found a portal into the white lodge, and we just might have finally found that “damn good pie,” in Part 11 of Twin Peaks: The Return. Part 11 goes all out with the other-dimensional and supernatural presence that has always revolved around the town of Twin Peaks. David Lynch continues to go “full-Lynchian” in the latest episode of The Return, and let me tell you, it does not disappoint!

As soon as Part 11 begins, it goes right for the jugular, as we follow Becky on a psychotic and murderous rampage toward her lovely boyfriend, Steven. It’s not made clear what Steven did (if anything), however, Becky clearly has a history of such behavior. She basically throws her mother, Shelly, off of the hood of her car, while attempting to find Steven and kill(?) him with a loaded gun. Luckily, Shelly calls Becky’s father and her ex-husband, Bobby Briggs. I mean, is that really a spoiler at this point? We all knew this was coming.

Lynch doesn’t hold back directing in the 11th hour of The Return. Wonderfully realized and cinematic shots of Bobby unloading a gun, after a seamless tracking shot, going from the dinner table to the outside, is one of the best things Lynch has ever done. Mind you, this is coming from a lifelong Lynch fan, so you can imagine how enthralled I was to see this series of shots take place. I know people have said this, time and time again, but we really are lucky to have an hour-long Lynch film every week.

One of the standout moments from Part 11 was when Gordon Cole stepped into the opening of what I assume is the white lodge. Gordon is in a full electrical/spiritual trance that traps him, much like those who come in contact with the woodsmen. The giant portal opens in the sky, looking like a beautiful tornado that’ll have you staring in awe, just as Cole does. Speaking of the woodsmen, Cole and Diane both catch glimpses of them, with Diane’s causing a catastrophic event of fatal proportions. Reminiscent of the radio DJ’s death in episode 8, poor Principal Hastings met his demise in a similar fashion. Once again, Lynch, you continue to give me nightmares.

The heart of Part 11 came from none other than the lovable Dougie Jones, who, inch-by-inch, is getting closer to becoming the Agent Cooper we all knew and loved. We’ve seen Jones consume massive amounts of coffee, and now he finally gets a slice of that “damn good” pie. Yes, I believe the key to waking the real Dale Cooper up is black coffee and cherry pie. His sentences are starting to form more naturally, though he still needs to be pushed to whatever destination he’s en route to. Also, can I just take a minute to say how great Jim Belushi has been? Apparently, similar to Cooper, Bradley Mitchum can dream the future, and Belushi sells it impeccably. It’s always worrisome when well-known actors step into the world of Twin Peaks, but this has been quite the exception.

Part 11 continues to move the chess pieces toward some type of endgame for The Return. More questions continue to arise, with no real concrete answers in sight. But that’s okay, because if you’ve been along for the ride this long, then you know that more than likely won’t happen. However, the journey getting to wherever the finale may end up is some of the best television I’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing in my lifetime.

Twin Peaks airs Sunday nights on Showtime.



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