“Twin Peaks: The Return” Review: Part 14

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Twin Peaks: The Return Review: Part 14

Wow, Lynch, wow. To say that Part 14 of Twin Peaks: The Return was a monumental hour of television would be an understatement. Lynch is infamous for his sluggish pace that grips your attention throughout any project he directs. Twin Peaks is obviously the best case of this due to it being a series with hours upon hours of excellent Lynchian content for us fans to salivate on week by week. Part 14, however, may be the most plot heavy episode of The Return so far, with an ultimately tense and fast moving pace for the Twin Peaks universe.

Part 14 is an episode you simply can’t watch once, much like episode 8 earlier this season. The focus of this episode is Truman and Cole’s respectable authorities teams finding out that there is in fact, two Dale Cooper’s walking amongst the world (and beyond?). The opening moments in which Gordon Cole is recalling a dream involving Monica Bellucci is one that could’ve easily been played up for its obvious comedic opportunism. Instead, it comes as a dramatic fantasy for Cole, as Bellucci states that “We’re like the dreamers who dreams and then lives inside the dream.”

After a charming flashback to “Fire Walk With Me,” Cole realizes that the dreams is Agent Dale Cooper. Oh, and Diane’s sister is Janey-E, who is married to Dougie Jones, aka, the real Agent Cooper. Yes, that’s a lot to take in, but Lynch delivers it in such a soothing way that the information phases over you like a breeze throughout a heat wave. Lynch isn’t known for his exposition or flashbacks, but how he chose to go about it in Part 14 is nothing short of masterful.

Back in Twin Peaks, Sheriff Truman, Hawk, Bobby and Andy head out to “Jack Rabbits Palace,” where Bobby s father, Major Briggs, brought him several times when he was younger. When they arrive, they find the same young eyeless woman that Cooper came into contact with earlier this season in one of the other dimensions much like The Black Lodge. This time, she is found naked, distraught, and without the ability to speak.

This is when things start to get really strange, and by strange I mean phenomenal in every aspect of the word. They have walked directly into the same vortex that Cole did a few episodes back. Only in the midst of their daze, Andy gets sucked up into what we assume is “The White Lodge”. This is where Andy meets the giant, or “The Fireman,” as he calls himself. He essentially shows Andy Bobs birth, two Coopers and a bevy of knowledge for the officer with the heart of gold.

I love that Andy was the one to obtain this massive responsibility. Like I said, he’s the purest and most goodhearted man in Twin Peaks, so it makes complete sense. When he returns to “Jack Rabbits Palace,” Andy is immodestly states that this woman is important and is needed to get to safety. I love how throughout the entirety of the series so far, Andy’s shimmers of brilliance came into its full potential in this prominent episode. Week by week Lynch just knows the exact moments to hit at just the right time, no matter what the pace may be. I guess that shows the signs of a true artist, as Part 14 of The Returned is a masterpiece.

Twin Peaks airs Sunday nights on Showtime.



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