The Walking Dead: ‘Bury Me Here’ Review

Walking Dead bury me here

The Walking Dead: ‘Bury Me Here’ Review

“We get it…”

Warning: Yes, of course this review of Walking Dead’s 13th season seven episode will contains spoilers.

Annnd we’re back in The Kingdom. Yes, I know, all this back and fourth shit has been so tedious, and some might say boring. There have not been enough episodes that combined stories and characters from town to town. We mostly keep sticking with one location at a time, with only a few characters from that location at a time. Progression towards the fight against the Saviors has been moving so slow with only a few developments at a time. For the 13th installment of season seven, that method of storytelling didn’t change much. However, we did get some results we’ve been after for quite some time.

While both Alexandria and Hilltop have a lot of people willing to fight the Saviors, and steps gearing up to fight are underway,, King Ezekiel and his people at the Kingdom are not so willing, with the exception of Richard. Richard is a man with all the right intentions but bad ideas. He has been trying to incite attacks caused by the Saviors so Ezekiel will want to join Rick’s war. We’ve already seen him try to get Carol killed until Daryl put a stop to it. This time around, he did provoke an attack by the Saviors by sabotaging an offering. Because of one missing melon, hidden by Richard, poor Benjamin lost his life. Richard’s plan was stupid, thinking he’d be the one to die, and the war would be started over his death. Oddly enough, Richard’s plan actually worked, just not the way he wanted it to. He wanted Ezekiel to join the fight, and now he will. Though it’s mostly do to the intensifying encounters with the Saviors. Carol’s willingness has a lot to do with it too.

Now that Carol knows the truth about the murders of Glenn and Abraham caused by Negan, she is ready to ditch her secluded life and go back to her warrior ways. This is exactly why Daryl lied to her and Morgan tried to keep her isolated from everybody. As much as she wanted to live a peaceful life away from the conflict, all she had to hear was her friends have been killed for her to want to fight. None of this is unexpected. After she gave her speech about losing herself if she went on killing everybody, it was obvious she was going to find herself back in the fray. Hell, it’s what we as viewers wanted.

Morgan had one of his best episodes in a while. It’s been an interesting, sometimes frustrating journey with this guy. The whole time he took a stand against killing, I’d just be rolling my eyes and shaking my head. I understood him not wanting to kill, but with the circumstances surround him and his friends, it couldn’t be avoided for long. Richard spent his time with Morgan trying to get him to kill. That was just another plan of Richard’s that worked. Again, not the way he would have wanted. Once Morgan figured out Richard hid the melon and confronted him about it without saying a word, I knew Morgan was going to assault Richard in some way. Strangling him was a bit extreme, but it finally pushed Morgan over the edge to convert back to his old, violent ways. This conflict will require Morgan to be extreme. Otherwise, he’ll just get in the way. I’m actually anxious to see him transition back to his old, crazy self. Seeing him get his stick back ad bash some walkers’ heads in was a treat.

Walking Dead

The deaths of Richard and Benjamin were surprisingly effective. I personally haven’t grown emotionally attached to either character, however, they both had good qualities that made their presences felt. Richard was not entirely a bad guy. His methods seemed to be done by frustration and regret. After his backstory was explained, this become more clearer, and he actually became somewhat of a sympathetic character. But his actions were foolish. Eventually, Ezekiel would have joined the fight since the Saviors became more aggressive with every meeting. I am a bit sad to see him go. He could have been an asset to the fight. Or down the line, he could have been part of an interesting betrayal. Oh, well, he dead now. In Benjamin’s case, his death is quite tragic. He was one of the show’s few characters that had a truly good heart and the best intentions. He only wanted to do right by Ezekiel. His bound with Morgan was touching too. In time, he could have become a bad ass, maybe even a leader. But thanks to Richard’s mistake, we’ll never know.

This was a slow but powerful episode with some very tense scenes between the Kingdom and the Saviors. There weren’t a whole lot of surprises and I think it’s safe to say the decisions made by Carol, Morgan and Ezekiel were the kind wat we’ve been waiting for all season. I’m not going to complain that it’s taken too long to get to this point where the characters want to fight. I’ve accepted this season was meant to drag out these storylines for emotional effect. It mostly paid off in this episode. This hour of Walking Dead presented some of the finest acting of the season. Carol’s reaction to finding out the truth about Glenn and Abe was so perfect. It was actually subtle. Pretty much everyone across the board gave it their all. Ezekiel’s angry expressions were quite a sight. He truly looked like he was ready to start shooting mother f**kers.

I’m pretty sure we won’t see a whole lot of Savior bloodshed until the season finale, which is only three episodes away. The next couple of episodes will probably be about the same as this one, focusing on a limited amount of characters. We may not even see all the characters in one episode until the season finale. So we can expect small amounts of progress next week, I guess. Still, if they can be as emotionally satisfying as this one, I’ll be fine with it. I’m just glad King Ezekiel has finally realized it’s time to fight. But first, a little bit of gardening must be done.

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