The Walking Dead: ‘Go Getters’ Review

walking dead go-getters-maggie-and-sasha-at-the-graves

The Walking Dead: “Go Getters” Review

Maggie and Sasha will rise… along with Jesus.

This review is filled with SPOILERS, so beware.

“Go Getters” is the fifth episode of Walking Dead’s seventh season, and we still have a separation of stories that have yet to fully collide – or to at least be featured in one single episode. This has probably been the slowest starting season of the series. Although each of the previous four episodes have all offered some worthwhile moments, I think it’s safe to say, after the season premiere, each episode has been less than eventful. Thankfully, this well packed, emotionally charged episode might have been the final piece of the spread out puzzle we needed before seeing everything flush together.

After being absent from three whole episodes, we finally reconnect with Maggie and Sasha who are posted at Hilltop where Maggie is recuperating after falling ill. In this hour, we were able to see just how tough these two ladies are. Yes, the both had a good cry as they grieved over the losses of Abraham and Glenn, but shortly afterwards, they get back on with living. The baby in Maggie’s tummy is healthy, so it was cute to see Sasha be overly protective of Maggie in trying to get her to take it easy. But the two were right in trying to negotiate with Hilltop’s leader, Gregory for them to stay there where Maggie can be treated rather than return to Alexandria. Maggie’s decision to stay at Hilltop is also kind of convenient seeing how they created a fake grave for her at Alexandria so Negan wouldn’t be looking for her. Maggie was determined to stay strong and keep on living, while Sasha clearly has revenge on the agenda. The two were great together. Seeing them bond over the two men they lost added a lot of heart to the episode.

Jesus has returned to the show after a lengthy hiatus. He is clearly frustrated with Gregory’s ineffective leadership. It’s suggested he should take over Hiltop’s leadership duties, but that would tie him down to being present in town more than he’d like. You can tell he was clearly thinking about it after Gregory almost gave up Maggie and Sasha to the Saviors. One things for certain, Hilltop needs a better leader than Gregory.

What’s going to be interesting to see with Jesus is what kind of pairing he and Carl are going to make, now that they are both stowing away in the Savior’s convoy. Carl most definitely wants to kill Negan, while Jesus is simply trying to find out the location of Negan’s compound. Since hearing there is a storyline involving Carl and Negan in the comics, it’s safe to say Carl is going to spend some time at the compound. But what does this mean for Jesus? Will he be able to make his way back to Hilltop to debrief with Sasha, or will he get caught by the Saviors?


Before Carl stowed away in the Savior’s convoy that was leaving the gates of Hilltop, he had a romantic afternoon with Enid. Both have endured too many tragedies in their young lifetimes. They’ve both been hardened by the world they now live in. So in a reminder that these two are still kids, it was sweet to see them roller stake while holding hands on their way to Hilltop. Then, before Carl would venture on to kill Negan, the two finally had their first and possibly but hopefully not last kiss. Sad how a kid like Carl can have a sweet moment and then set off on a quest for vengeance. As for Enid, it was touching to see her balloon tribute to Glenn, even though she accidentally placed them on Abraham’s grave.

Speaking of kisses, the passionate kiss between Rick and Michonne was kind of hot, but that kiss, much like it foreshadowed Carl’s first and possible last kiss, may have been the last kiss between Rick and Michonne. It seems obvious Michonne is not going to live under the rule of Negan. So it wouldn’t be surprising if she wasn’t there when Rick returns. If she is still there, she might be emotionally distant because I don’t think she’s pleased with Rick’s new outlook on life.

Over at Hilltop, watching Gregory deal with Simon was rather enjoyable. Neither character is morally likable since they are both sleazebags – one being the crooked type, the other being a coward. However, both actors, Xander Berkeley and Steven Ogg (who both commonly get typecast as sleazebag characters) are both so good at their roles, it was a treat to see how different they operate. Steven Ogg owned these scenes. Unlike Negan’s intimidation tactics that come off as sort of charming, Simon’s tactics easily make the skin crawl. The dialogue exchanged by both actors was pretty great. Simon has also turned into an interesting character because while he may be loyal to Negan, he certainly enjoys his position of power. He even made Gregory kneel before him. I think I’ll call Simon “Negan Jr.” For now on. Gregory’s plan to give up Maggie and Sasha and having it backfire when Jesus hid them in a different hiding spot he was told to put them in, was predictable, but in a smart and cheeky way. Not only did it show Gregory could not be trusted, but watching him reluctantly give up his prized scotch stash was very satisfying. Maggie punching Gregory in the face as she corrected him with her actual name that he’d been getting wrong throughout their stay was the cherry on the sundae. He deserved it for being a dick and taking Glenn’s pocket watch.


I’m perfectly okay with The Walking Dead taking things slow. There doesn’t have to be zombie killing all the time. I enjoy seeing the characters interact and develop more than senseless action. But with that said, thank goodness this episode had an awesome zombie slaying session. This season has had very little zombie killing, so it was due for a nice zombie massacre. It all happened when someone left the gates of Hilltop open and a car blasting classical music rolled in, drawing in many walkers. This allowed us to see how bad ass Sasha can be, fearlessly going into battle with just a knife. Then Jesus joins in the fight with some fancy high kick moves. It was awesome. Maggie showed great courage too, even though she wasn’t supposed to be straining herself in fears she might hurt the baby. Using a tractor to mow down the walkers and crushing the locked car playing the music was a brilliant move. It was a very enjoyable scene. I only question if the Saviors were really behind it. It wouldn’t have benefited them to start an attack like that.

A rebellion is definitely on the rise with or without Rick. In fact, with Maggie and Sasha displaying plenty of bad assery and strong will, Michonne having a hard time accepting Rick’s peaceful solution, and Rosita – who was sadly missing from this episode – looking to have bullets made, the rebellion might be led by the woman of the show. Now, that would be awesome. The future is uncertain for Carl. I’ll remind you I don’t read the Walking Dead comics, so I don’t know what happens between him and Negan. But I’m betting some liberties will be taken with the story. I saw a headline suggesting Chandler Riggs’s contract is ending and no renewal has taken place. It’s possible they might kill off Carl. That would obviously be the driving force to get Rick to fight against Negan. Plus, who knows what King Ezekiel and his people of the Kingdom are capable of? A lot of human bloodshed is probably in the near future.

walking dead -go-getters-jesus-and-sasha-slay

As for this episode, I was rather satisfied with it. I had been thinking about Maggie for the past few episodes, and now we got her. She’s an incredibly tough woman to just get up and keep on truckin’. Sasha, pfft, she’s been bad ass. I knew she’d be ready for a fight with who or whatever. The acting was good as always, and the dialogue was really good. There was some much needed action, which I appreciate. Steven Ogg was a highlight. Most of all, it was just great seeing bits of almost every storyline coming together. I’m hoping next week will have more great reveals and link ups.

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