The Walking Dead: ‘New Best Friends’ Review

walking dead new best friends

The Walking Dead: ‘New Best Friends’ Review

Enemies can become friends.

Warning: Yes, of course there are spoilers in this week’s Walking Dead episode review.

Well, that was weird…. No, I mean it, things got weird on this week’s The Walking Dead. I get that this is a post apocalyptic show, but Rick found himself in a situation that seemed to fit in with the Mad Max world. And I’m talking “Beyond Thunderdome” stuff here. We learned that the mysterious dude with the muddy boots that’s been stalking our characters was part of this mysterious group of people that live in a massive garbage dump. This guy forced Gabriel to pack up everything in the Alexandria pantry and deliver it to these dumpster people. I do not know what they call themselves. Just that the leader’s name is a woman named Jadis.

Great. Because we need more characters, right? I thought things were odd with The Kingdom, but these people take the cake. They all seem to walk in unison and act like they’re all dead inside. They are like an army of live zombies, speaking with three word sentences. Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) decides to test Rick to see if he is worthy enough to make a deal with by throwing him in a garbage pit to fight a spiked walker – which looked kind of cool. A few new cuts later, our man Rick proves his worth, and a deal is made. The dumpster people request guns… lots of guns. If Rick and his people get them guns… lots of guns, they will fight with them against The Saviors. I think our eyes were on Tara at that point since she knows exactly where to get guns. But will she tell them about that little lady group she escaped from? At some point, she’s going to have to. Unless someone from Rick’s group finds them first. Either way, those women are going to play a factor in this conflict, I’m sure.

This was just a weird situation. I’m sure these new characters are from the comics and a backstory may come our way, but as of right now, all I want is for them is to be human shields for Rick and his crew. Maybe some individuals from the dumpster gang will stand out and become fully fleshed out characters though. Maybe we’ll all get to love Jadis. I don’t know, man. I was just weirded out by this new development. Also, why did they feel the need to test Rick if they’ve been watching him and his group anyway?

The best thing to come out of this plot was Rick’s happy-go-lucky attitude. Rick is still smiling as he grows confident that he will quickly gain enough allies to fight the war against The Saviors. Also, the development between him and Gabriel. They truly did start out as enemies. Hell, I thought eventually Rick was going to kill Gabe. But Gabe finally came around, saw what it took to survive. I loved the conversation they had together after the deal was made.

walking dead new best friends

Thankfully, the reunion between Carol and Daryl was the strongest aspect of this episode, with both Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride giving excellent performances. I can now understand where Carol is coming from. In fact, it wasn’t too hard to figure out given her history and all she’s been through. We love her because she comes off as a bad ass. She evolved from being a helpless battered wife to a hardened killer. But while we cheer her on, we actually don’t think about how much of her own humanity she’s lost. All the awesome survival tactics she’s pulled off has changed her drastically. Her wanting to stay secluded is an attempt to not lose herself completely. Which is why Morgan covered for her when Daryl asked about for her, and why Daryl lied to her about everyone in Alexandria being okay. Daryl cares for her so much, he’d rather have her stay sane than to have her fight by his side. The sad part is she’s probably going to get involved with the conflict one way or another. With Richard trying to set her up as a threat to The Saviors so he can invoke a reason for Ezekiel to fight back after they kill her, trouble is bound to find its way to her, because I don’t think Richard will stop with his plan, even after Daryl threatened him. I do fear Carol’s story is coming to an end. I really don’t want to speculate how or when or even the possibility of her dying, but her scene by the fireplace seems to be suggesting her time on the show may be limited in the coming future.

There was the very tense exchange between The Saviors and The Kingdom in the opening scene that was pretty suspenseful. It demonstrated that Rick is right about The Saviors. They are becoming more aggressive. Daryl is right about Morgan having to be the one to persuade Ezekiel to join the resistance. Morgan has spent more time in The Kingdom, and has mostly avoided confrontation. Daryl hasn’t earned Ezekiel’s trust, so he doesn’t have any pull. This episode may have put Morgan in a more confrontational mood though after getting smacked in the ear and his stick stolen by The Saviors. I think little by little Morgan may start to understand that a fight may be necessary in order to survive. My guess is once the fighting starts, The Saviors are going to attack The Kingdom. From the aftermath, whoever’s left will join the fight.

Oh, and how cute was that moment between Daryl and the tiger?

So with the mixture of the weird trash people and an emotional reunion between Carol and Daryl, this was an unusual episode, but it was still a fine watch. There was a good amount of development towards the coming war. Now we just have to see if Rick and his crew can get the guns to the trash people before their window of opportunity closes.

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