The Walking Dead: ‘Something They Need’ Review

Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: ‘Something They Need’ Review

No need to feel bad.

Warning: Walking Dead and spoilers go hand in hand.

Alrighty, this week we got the last episode before the season seven finale. Thank goodness, this wasn’t a centric episode that focused on just one location or person. We saw The Sanctuary, Hilltop, and we finally went back to Oceanview to get their guns. So not only did we see three locations, we got answers. We actually picked up where we left off with Sasha, and we saw exactly who that shadowy figure was that Rosita saw after running from the Saviors.

So yes, Sasha is still alive. Sitting in a cell, but still alive, and seemingly untouched despite killing some Saviors during her rampage. Too bad we never got to see that. This is one of the main issues from last week I was expecting to be left hanging on until the finale. Thank goodness that wasn’t the case. There were only two ways Sasha’s story could go in the follow up to her storming the compound. Either dead or in a cell. I’m happy to see her alive, but this could be a means to an end. Also, while it continues her story, we still just get more setup than a possible resolution. She was successful by tricking Eugene that she wanted to die rather than hurt their friends. Too bad instead of giving her a weapon she could use to get some fighting done, he gave her one of the poison pills he had made for one of Negan’s wives. Now she’ll have to play ball with the Saviors and convince Negan she wants to be in the gang until she can find an opportunity to kill him. Not that that’s going to happen, sadly. Sasha is almost certainly doomed. I’m just wondering if little bitch boy Eugene is going to tell on her after he sees her still alive.

Eugene gave his sob story to Sasha on why he join up with Negan. Their first encounter with Negan traumatized him so much, he just wanted to be on the side that wasn’t immediately going to result him getting bashed by Negan’s bat. I sure hope the show is not asking us to sympathize with Eugene. I already know he’s a weak, helpless character, and it’s interesting how the show may never give him a heroic bone in his body, but I can’t feel bad for him at all when our other characters have seen the same murderous act he saw but are still taking steps to stop the man who committed them.

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The main excitement of “Something They Need” came from the place Rick and the gang went to get what they needed: Oceanside. Through a voiceover, we actually get to hear the conversation Tara has with Rick about the armory Oceanside has, and she explains why she did tell him before. Rick, being a reasonable guy, didn’t make a huge stink about her secret. He tries to assure her she doesn’t have to feel bad breaking her secret, which is true after seeing the foolishness of their leader, Natania. There are other people in that group that want to join in the fight, but their leader is so wildly against it. The guns in Oceanside’s armory can be used to liberate each community, and avenge all the lives taken by the Saviors. And I don’t get this “we all go or none of us go” shit. Those who want to fight, including Cyndie, should just leave. Why should they give a f**k who says otherwise? If they’re not welcome back to Oceanside if they live through the war, I’m sure Alexandria would have them. Some of them showed off their fighting skills in the awesome walker slaying collaboration between the two groups. But I guess all of that potential is going to be wasted. So no, Tara should not feel bad. And Oceanside should choose a new leader.

Rick was in top form tonight. It’s just so good seeing him on top of his game again. His plan was flawless and brilliantly calculated. The way they executed the siege was exciting and would play as a good recruitment video to join the fight if only they had a camera to film it. Rick’s tone was stern but not threatening. He showed his determination on getting those guns, but he never showed aggression and he kept a cool head. Of course with Michonne providing overwatch with a sniper rifle, you could pull off a number of tasks at ease. Rick showed off that he is a far superior and reasonable leader. With any hope, we’ll see some Oceanside woman come around and meet up with Alexandria.

Enid and Carl had a decision about killing, specifically if he thought of the people he had to kill. I’m guessing she’s trying to prepare herself for the aftermath of the war if she survives. Sad how this is what these kids have to talk about, but oh, well. Anyway, Carl says he does think about those he’s killed. However, he thinks more about the ones he didn’t kill. In other words, people like Negan, whom Carl had a chance to fill him full of holes, caused more death because he failed to kill him. So killing has become a necessity for this group. Living with it is somewhat of a luxury.

We checked in with Hilltop along the way. These scenes brought down the pace a bit, but it showed us more of Gregory’s snake-like qualities. I mean, he literally tried to remove Maggie out of the equation while her back was turned. He must really feel threatened by her. She saved his worthless life by killing a pair of walkers because he couldn’t do it. Then some Hilltop residents passed by to see the aftermath. They probably got a good look at how weak Gregory appeared. So with that, Gregory is going to take Simon up on his offer and meet up with him to discuss the threat he mentioned during their last encounter. It’s clear Gregory is that “little birdy” Negan heard on the plans Rick has.

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Finally, that shadowy figure stalking Rosita ended up being Dwight after all. As suspected, after basically having everything taken away from him, he wants to switch sides. Man, I would have loved to see just a little bit of that encounter between Dwight and Rosita play out. Then again, if it had been shown, it might have been made into a full episode, so never mind. Of course Dwight can’t be trusted, so it’s going to take a very compelling retelling of his tragedies to Rick in order for his head to stay intact. It makes total sense for Dwight to make the move. It’s been speculated he would. But could this be a fake out? It would not make sense for him to sabotage the group, but it should be a possibility of everybody’s minds. Daryl’s reaction to the sight of Dwight was priceless.

One things for certain, this episode was filled with a whole lotta cowards from all sides. Sometimes, it feels like there’s more cowards on this show than actual bad asses. On top of that, all the traitors and deceivers. As it is, I’m really worried about Rick and his crew taking all those guns to the trash community. They seem more like the murdering type than the fighting type, so they might accept the free guns and try to use them on Alexandria. Oh, no, I hope I didn’t just predict the season finale’s outcome.

With this being the pre-finale episode, it’s hard to imagine an explosive, thrill a minute season finale is in store for us next week. I’m almost convinced it’ll end like the midseason finale with the gang marching towards war. Unless they suffer some kind of setback and the drums of war don’t even begin to play. The overtaking of Oceanside provided this episode’s strongest piece, and boosted the momentum of the season. However, seeing how the group still has to give the guns to Jadis and her stinky people, Sasha has to spend time getting closer to Negan, we have to catch up with The Kingdom, and Dwight has to earn Rick’s trust, I can’t see the season finale capitalizing on that momentum. Let’s hope the finale at least ends on a promising note.

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