‘Westworld’ Recap: The Ghost in the Machine

In Sunday night’s episode of Westworld, we chipped away a little bit more at what might the end game, including what exactly the (late?) Robert Ford has in store for his creation.

Here are some highlights [SPOILERS AHEAD]:

The episode begins with a familiar conversation between Dolores and Arnold, with him telling her how she frightens him, on what she’ll become – but this time, there’s a twist. It turns out Dolores (or is it Ford?) is building her own Arnold/Bernard, testing the bot the same way William tested James Delos for “fidelity.” And in this incarnation of Bernard, he failed the test. So that means, there must be multiple Bernards somewhere.

As we now know, Dolores has been able to manipulate the hosts, but she has to use the technology to do so (unlike Maeve, who is somehow linked up directly into the mainframe; more on her in a bit). The new and definitely not improved Teddy is the cold killing machine Dolores thought she wanted, except now he has an attitude towards Dolores for “fixing” him, a tone in his voice that Dolores seems to be bothered by. What did she think would happen if you decrease the compassion and increase the aggressiveness? In any event, they send the train full of explosives into the “tunnel” leading to the Mesa.

On the Maeve front, she and the crew leave Shogun World to continue the search for Maeve’s daughter. Lee has finally figured out which gateway leads to Maeve’s old stomping grounds, and once there, she does indeed finally reunite with her precious girl. Except (and we knew this was coming), the little girl has a new “mother.” Just as this sinks in, the Ghost Nation rides up but instead of running the same narrative in which they attack and kill Maeve and her daughter, this time the leader asks to join Maeve. She, unfortunately, can’t get past how they’ve haunted her dreams and runs off with her daughter.

There’s also a moment with William and his daughter, Emily. She has come to the park to try and convince her father to leave with her and forgo this “suicide by robot or whatever the fuck your mission is now.” She wants him to know she regrets saying he was to blame for her mother’s suicide, and the two seem to make a genuine connection. Except not really because the next morning, the Man in Black has ditched Emily to continue his quest to stop what monster he thinks he has created.

Speaking of the Mesa, Elsie and Bernard make their way to the hub and discover that there is something within the Cradle or the park’s mainframe, that is disrupting any attempts to fix things and return things to normal. Bernard asks to be put into the mainframe to figure out what (or who) is blocking things. Once inside, he begins the same journey as Teddy – on the train, pulling up to Sweetwater – and in the saloon, the piano is being played by none other than Robert Ford. At least, we think so because his reflection is there. So I guess Anthony Hopkins may make an appearance.

This basically confirms that the red memory ball Bernard retrieved from the secret lab was indeed Ford’s “consciousness,” and the founder of the park has no intention of letting anyone from Delos dictate what happens to it. It’s really going to come down to a battle between Delos and Ford.

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