‘Westworld’ Recap: Hostess with the Mostest

In Sunday night’s episode of Westworld titled “Virtù e Fortuna,” we finally got to see what was beyond the Old West. Plus, there’s a special reunion. Here’s what happened:


— We start off in another park. Finally, something else besides the dusty West. It’s apparently called “The Raj” and it looks to be 1920s India. We meet Grace, who has an encounter with a handsome guy. But before they have sex, she wants to make sure he’s real and not a host, so she shoots him in the shoulder. Turns out, he’s real. Then they go on a venture into the jungle to hunt tigers, but when they break for camp at a spot, Grace notices there are no hosts around. Yep, they’ve turned just like the others, and all the guests are dead. Grace ends up being chased by robot tiger, and the two fall off a cliff in the zone outside the Raj park.

— Then we see Bernard with the Delos soldiers. They make it to the control center, and Charlotte is there. She’s still looking for Peter Abernathy, who has been modified to include some kind of data Charlotte is trying to get out of the park. Flashback to Charlotte and Bernard actually locating Abernathy with a gang of unruly hosts, who have taken the guests as hostages including Abernathy. Charlotte and Bernard try to snag him, but Abernathy and Bernard are captured by the Union soldier hosts, while Charlotte gets away.

— Dolores has also arrived to the Fort with her small band of rogue hosts. She convinces the general that they all now have a common enemy, who will be coming to soon to attack. He lets her inside the Fort, and there she sees her Pa — and Bernard. She witnesses Abernathy in his state of deterioration, as the data in his head messing with his programming. “I have to get to the train,” he mutters over and over, as he switches between his narrative roles. Poor Dolores is upset to see her father in such a state, making her even more angry at the park’s upper echelon.

— Dolores brings Bernard in to see her father, to try and fix him. He does take a look at his diagnostics and sees Abernathy has an encryption key in his brain. He is able to download it, but we’re not sure what it is that’s so important.

— Meanwhile, Maeve, Lee and Hector are trying to traverse the park but run into some Native Americans out for blood. Running for their lives, they find an elevator to escape below. There, they finally reunite with Armistice and Felix and head back up to the surface.

— Showdown at the Fort, as Charlotte and the Delos army attack it. Dolores’ plan to keep the enemy at bay means double-crossing the general and his men, using them as bait as it were. They are all killed, along with most of the Delos people when buried explosives wipe them out. Charlotte and a few manage to grab Abernathy though — much to Dolores chagrin, who tries to stop them. She’s going after her father now to rescue him, but first, she asks Teddy to dispose of the Union soldiers who survived. He can’t do it and lets them go.

— Quick cut to the dead tiger by the water’s edge, as a wounded Grace crawls out of the water — just as the Ghost Walkers appear.

— And Maeve et. al. find themselves in an unfamiliar part of the park, where it’s snowing. They come upon a campfire and before they know what’s happening, see a sword-swinging samurai come rushing at them. Finally, Samurai World!

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