‘Westworld’ Recap: The Hosts Are Organizing

Sunday night’s Westworld Season 2, Ep. 2 titled “Reunion,” saw Dolores and the other hosts further solidify their plans to take down all the big, bad humans. Plus, we get a little more background on William and Delos Incorporated who eventually take over Westworld.


– It opens with Dolores and Arnold having yet another discussion, but this time Dolores wakes up in the real world. She thinks its a dream, but she’s with Arnold in a grand suite, looking out at the city below. She’s pretty wowed by it, saying the city lights are like stars on the ground and has anyone ever seen something so full of wonder?

Robert Ford then comes in (we can’t see him but it’s Anthony Hopkins’ voice, who made a cameo of sorts) asking if she’s ready for the presentation. I’m guessing at this point it’s for the Delos folks, to get money. But Arnold doesn’t think she’s ready yet. Then he takes her for a walk, to a place he’s building in the park to live in. Arnold mentions his son, Charlie, who at this point is still alive. She’s excited to meet him, and just when Dolores seems like she’s more human than not, she repeats herself about the city lights being stars on the ground. Arnold looks disappointed.

Present time: Renegade Dolores brings Teddy down into Westworld operations to show him what the deal is. Teddy is pretty amazed and confuses by what he is seeing. “I used to see the beauty of this world. Now I see the truth,” says Dolores. She makes a lowly tech guy show Teddy his “history.” He’s appalled at all the images of him dead. He grabs the tech guy and yells, “Why are they doing this?” “Just for fun,” the guy gasps.

– Flashback to Logan Delos at a hotel bar. He is approached by two people, and I noticed right away it’s the host Angela and another man named Akecheta. They are there to convince him and the Delos Inc. to invest in their virtual project. Logan is skeptical, so they take him up to a room in the hotel for a cocktail party that is filled with hosts. Angela tells Logan to pick out the ones who are not real, but the joke’s on him… none of them are human. Welcome to Westworld.

This is probably the same presentation Arnold didn’t think Dolores was ready for (maybe because Angela sleeps with Logan as part of the deal). Dolores does peek in in the morning to see Angela putting her clothes back on. Angela has been a curious host from the beginning since she’s the one who knows she isn’t real. Wonder why she isn’t as important as Dolores.

– Present time: Older William – I’m just going to call him Man in Black to make it easier – shows up just when one of Lawrence’s programmed scenarios is playing out. Man in Black rescues him from an unpleasant death and tells Lawrence it’s whole new world now. Of course, Lawrence doesn’t quite understand, but Man in Black explains the stakes are real now and dead is definitely dead and that he has been judged for the wrong reasons. MIB says he going to go repeal the verdict – and then burn the whole place to the ground.

–Dolores wants more answers, too, about what’s in store for the rogue hosts. A guard tells her there’s an army coming to take them down. So she’s just going to have to create one of her own. Back up in the park, Maeve shows up and she and Dolores have a moment. Dolores wants Maeve to join their cause, but Maeve has other plans and other priorities. Dolores continues to recruit. She needs to make all the hosts woke, including the captain of the army, Major Craddock. So she kills them all and makes the tech guy they’ve brought up from the control center to bring them back. It’s very effective.

– Flashback to William and James Delos, the head honcho, in Westworld. The hosts are all frozen, including Dolores who is there, listening. This is the William (and Delos’ now son in law) who has already experienced his time in the park with Logan (from Season 1) and who is now the hard-edged and ruthless businessman he has become.

William gives James the pitch that the guests are the real reason this fantasy should exist. You get to see people for who they really are because they can do anything here – and the Delos people are watching and recording. “And if you don’t want that, you’re not the businessman you think you are.” That gets Delos Sr. attention, and we now know that’s indeed what they’ve been doing, collecting all this data on people.

– Then we jump a few years ahead at a retirement party for James. It looks like William is being handed the keys to the kingdom, not Logan. At the party, Dolores is there, playing the piano. Creepy. Dolores then comes out on the patio and sees Logan shooting up. Turns out, Logan’s experience in Westworld has weakened him and now he’s a drug addict. William then has a conversation with Dolores in the park’s control center, telling her he can’t believe he fell in love with her. She is just a reflection of him, and nothing more. But he wants to show her something. Up in the park, he takes her to a spot where it looks like he is building something. Not sure what it is yet, but it’s something big. Another moment for Dolores to lock away in her circuits to remember later.

– Present time: Man in Black and Lawrence come to the Mexican village and find the Mexican leader (Giancarlo Esposito) has regained control of the town by killing all the white men. MIB tries to recruit him and his soldiers for his purpose, but the guy won’t go with them. Instead, he and his whole crew kill themselves. This is ghost Robert’s work again. MIB is supposed to play this “game” alone (but he’s allowed Lawrence, I guess). No matter. MIB is going to go to this place, which he calls “his greatest mistake.”

And guess what? Dolores remembers this place – or thing – too, and she’s going there so she can use it to destroy them all. What the heck is it? Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

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