What We’ve Learned from CW Upfront 2017

What We’ve Learned from CW Upfront 2017

The CW Upfront Presentation was this morning in New York City. Here’s the new information that we’ve learned for CW in the new 2017-2018 season. Schedule Changes

There are a few schedule changes as we see some of the favorites bounce around a bit. This works well for a lot of people and even Stephen Amell expressed his pleasure in moving “behind Jared and Jensen.”

8-9 PM: Supergirl
9-10 PM: VALOR

8-9 PM: The Flash
9-10 PM: DC’S Legends of Tomorrow

8-9 PM: Riverdale (Moved)

8-9 PM — Supernatural
9-10 PM — Arrow (Moved)

8-9 PM — Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Moved)
9-10 PM — Jane the Virgin (Moved

In addition to the schedule changes, you will see a few new names on the schedule. The new shows in the fall are Dynasty and Valor. Lucy Hale also talks about her new midseason show “Life Sentence.” This will hopefully bring a lot of the fans of her previous show, Pretty Little Liars to the CW. A trailer was played for the new show Dynasty. CW also released a new trailer for their new superhero show, Black Lightning.

To much excitement and joy from the fans, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki confirmed that in the 13th season of the hit show, Supernatural there will be a Supernatural / Scooby Doo Crossover that will be animated. Supernatural always does great work especially when they play around with the genre and try to switch it up a little bit.


New Trailer for Life Sentence:

New Trailer for Valor:

New Trailer for Black Lightning:

New Trailer for Dynasty:

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