Rasheed Newson

TV Review: Bel-Air, 1×10, “Where To”

As a television series, Bel-Air has always centered around black upper-class excellence and who gets left behind because of it. This theme is profoundly true for the show’s season finale, “...

10 Perfect

TV Review: Bel-Air, 1×9, “Can’t Knock The Hustle”

Familiarity breeds contempt. This is the best way to summarize the latest episode of Bel-Air. Will decides whether or not he wants to know his father. Carlton has yet another breakdown while performin...

10 Perfect

TV Review: Bel-Air, 1×5, “PA to LA”

“PA to LA” focused on the idea that Will is stuck between two worlds. One world is the time he is currently spending in Bel Air, and the other one is his home in Philadelphia. Further conf...

9 Amazing

TV Review: Bel-Air, 1×1, “Dreams and Nightmares”

Bel-Air is a remarkable achievement in television. This Peacock original series offers audiences an in-depth look inside a story they already are familiar with. Here’s a quick refresher if you d...

9 Amazing

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