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Sundance 2021 Review: Despite A Fresh Voice, ‘Ma Belle, My Beauty’ Falls Short of Being a Standout Romantic Drama

LV Taylor reviews Marion Hill's feature debut, Ma Belle, My Beauty starring Idella Johnson, Hannah Pepper, Lucien Guignard and Sivan Noam Shimon.

Sundance 2021 Review: ‘Passing’ is a Beautifully Searing Period Piece That Still Resonates

LV Taylor review's Rebecca Hall's feature debut, Passing starring Tessa Thompson, Ruth Negga, André Holland, Bill Camp and Alexander Skarsgard.

Sundance Film Festival 2021 Review: ‘A Glitch in the Matrix’ Wants to Break Your Brain

Alan French reviews Rodney Ascher's return to the Sundance Film Festival with his new documentary, A Glitch in the Matrix. The Sundance Film Festival 2021 Midnight Madness film examines the complex id...

7 Good

Sundance 2021 Review: Questlove’s ‘Summer of Soul’ Reassembles Black Joy

In 1969, during the same summer as Woodstock, a different music festival took place 100 miles away. More than 300,000 people attended the summer concert series known as the Harlem Cultural Festival. I...

9 Amazing

Sundance 2021 Review: ‘The Sparks Brothers’ Is a Daffy Dive Into Edgar Wright’s Favorite Band

Edgar Wright directs a loving, hilarious, and career-spanning look at the brothers Mael, 50 years and 25 albums deep into a career that has seen them traverse more genres, audiences, and career reviva...

7 Good

Sundance 2021 Review: ‘Misha and the Wolves’ Brings True Crime Aesthetics to a Holocaust Tale

Alan French reviews the true crime documentary "Misha and the Wolves." The documentary premiered at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival.

5 Average

Sundance 2021 Review: ‘Homeroom’ Harnesses the Fire of Youth Activism

Oakland as a tantalizing case study. In a city that struggles with rising crime and health care woes, its public school systems aren't exactly equipped to prepare youth for the travails of young adult...

8 Great

Sundance 2021 Review: ‘Eight for Silver’ Creates Atmosphere and Tension on the Manor

In the late 1800s, a man arrives in a remote country village to investigate an attack by a wild animal but discovers a much deeper and sinister force that has the manor and its townspeople in its grip...

7 Good

Sundance 2021 Review: ‘Rita Moreno: Just A Girl Who Decided to Go for It’ Finds Power in Her Honesty

A look at the life and work of Rita Moreno from her humble beginnings in Puerto Rico to her success on Broadway and in Hollywood.

6 Fair

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