Film Reviews

‘Freaky’ Review: Friday the 13th Meets Freaky Friday

A mystical, ancient dagger causes a notorious serial killer to magically switch bodies with a 17-year-old girl.

9 Amazing

10 Horror Hidden Gems to Watch This Halloween Season

Daniel Rester recommends ten hidden gems from the horror genre that are worth checking out this Halloween season.

In-House Reviews: Come Play, His House, Bad Hair, Rebecca, Waikiki & More!

Aaron Neuwirth has reviews for Come Play, His House, Bad Hair, Rebecca, Over The Moon, and Waikiki, a series of films playing in the genre sandbox.

AFI Fest 2020 Review: ‘Eyimofe’ Shows Off Confidently Made Drama In Lagos

Aaron Neuwirth reviews Eyimofe, a Nigerian drama that premiered at AFI Fest 2020. It tells two different stories of people looking to get away from it all.

8 Great

AFI Fest 2020 Review: ‘Rival’ Gives Melodramatic Attention to Undocumented Employment

Joseph Braverman's AFI Fest review of Rival, an over melodramatic look at the undocumented workers.

5 Average

‘Come Play’ Review: Accept Larry’s Friend Request

Parents fight to save their son when a mysterious creature uses his electronic devices to break into our world.

8 Great

‘Come Play’ Review: The Most Inventive Horror Film of The Year

A long-limbed monster named Larry targets Oliver, a non-verbal autistic young boy along with his family, friends, and classmates as well as other victims by manifesting through their smartphones, comp...

8 Great

AFI Fest 2020 Review: “Wander Darkly” is an Emotional Look at the Ephemerality of Memory

New parents Adrienne and Matteo are forced to reckon with trauma amidst their troubled relationship. They must revisit the memories of their past and unravel haunting truths in order to face their...

Aspen Film Festival 2020 Review: ‘Minari’ Is a Bold, Breathtaking New Take on Americana

A Korean family moves to Arkansas to start a farm in the 1980s.

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