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Franchise Fred Interview: James Marsters is Marvel’s Runaways’ Bad Dad

Marvel’s Runaways has a team of teenage superheroes fighting the villain every kid wants to battle: Their parents. Only for the Runaways, their parents actually are evil members of The Pride. Fan favo...

Review: The Walking Dead 8×05, “The Big Scary U”

Following up an action-packed, yet emotional Ezekiel-focused episode of The Walking Dead last week, we now return to Negan, who hasn’t been seen since the premiere. “The Big Scary U” is not as excitin...

Review: The Walking Dead 8×04, “Some Guy”

I haven’t shied away from criticizing the flaws of The Walking Dead’s eighth season. For all the hype around adapting the “All Out War” plotline from the comics, the show has delivered tension-free ac...

Review: The Walking Dead 8×03, “Monsters”

It’s hard to say whether or not I liked “Monsters” any more or less than the season eight premiere of The Walking Dead, but it at least seemed a bit more focused than last week’s episode. We’re still ...

Review: The David S. Pumpkins Halloween Special – I Had Questions

In 2016, audiences were treated to another solid Saturday Night Live episode hosted by Tom Hanks. Within this episode, the delightfully weird “Haunted Elevator” sketch was born, introducing the world ...

Review: The Walking Dead 8×02, “The Damned”

So I get how The Walking Dead wants to capitalize on the graphic novel’s “All Out War” chapters but did anyone count on this show going this far with that idea? For a series that’s been criticized in ...

The Good Place “Janet and Michael” Review

Ashley Menzel reviews the latest episode of The Good Place titled "Michael and Janet." The Good Place airs on Thursday on NBC at 8:30 PM.

8 Great

Review: The Walking Dead 8×01, “Mercy”

In the years leading up to Negan and beyond, The Walking Dead has been a real mixed bag. For every step in the right direction, there always seems to be strange choices from the writers that manage to...

The Good Place “The Trolley Problem” Review

Ashley Menzel reviews the latest episode of The Good Place titled "The Trolley Problem." The Good Place airs on NBC on Thursdays at 8:30 PM.

8 Great

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