Review: “She Never Died” is A Brutal, Bold and Bloody Female-Led Sequel

Mark Krawczyk gets an early look at the sequel to "He Never Died" appropriately called "She Never Died", Directed by Audrey Cummings and starring Olunike Adeliyi

Review: Preacher 4×08, “Fear of the Lord”

Aaron Neuwirth reviews season four, episode eight of Preacher, "Fear of the Lord" in which Jesse and Starr become more connected than I realized.

Review: Preacher 4×07, “Messiahs”

Aaron Neuwirth reviews season four, episode seven of Preacher, "Messiahs" in which Jesse is asked a very important question, while Cassidy and Tulip grieve.

Review: Preacher 4×06, The Lost Apostle

Aaron Neuwirth reviews season four, episode six of Preacher, "The Lost Apostle" in which Jesse and the Saint go for a walk, with Cassidy and Tulip right on their tail.

Telluride Film Festival Review: The Aeronauts is a Turbulent yet Ambitious Tale.

Scott Menzel reviews The Aeronauts from the 46th Annual Telluride Film Festival.

7 Good

Review: Preacher 4×05, Bleak City

Aaron Neuwirth reviews season four, episode five of Preacher, "Bleak City" in which Tulip and Cassidy reunite, while Jesse has a different reunion.

Review: ‘Angel Has Fallen’ But Refuses To Die Hard

Aaron Neuwirth reviews Angel Has Fallen, the third chapter in Gerard Butler's 'Fallen' series, where he plays Secret Service agent Mike Banning.

4 Poor

Review: Preacher 4×04, “Search And Rescue”

Aaron Neuwirth reviews season four, episode four of Preacher, "Search and Rescue" in which Jesse is lost at sea, but trying to stay positive.


Review: “Shevenge”, A Delightfully Dark All-Female Directed Horror Anthology

Mark "The Movieman" Krawczyk takes a look a the new, all-female led horror anthology film called "Shevenge" that is out now on Amazon Prime.

10 Perfect

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