‘Zappa’ Interview: Alex Winter on Frank Zappa and his life in the year 2020

An in-depth look into the life and work of musician Frank Zappa.

‘Shawn Mendes In Wonder’ Review: Strictly For the Fans

A portrait of singer/songwriter Shawn Mendes' life, chronicling the past few years of his rise and journey.

6 Fair

‘Totally Under Control’ Review: A Scathing Indictment of Trump’s COVID Response

Audrey Fox reviews Totally Under Control, a documentary from Alex Gibney, detailing the flaws in the Trump Administration's efforts to handle Covid-19.

TV Review: ‘The Reagans’ Puts the Conservative Legend Under a Microscope

With the 2020 general election in the rearview, both political parties will look at themselves in the rear-view. As the GOP looks toward the future, a Trump-led or Trump-less party will need to return...

7 Good

‘Belushi’ Review: Gone, But His Rock & Roll Lives On

Friends, family, and colleagues discuss the extraordinary life and career of beloved actor and comedian John Belushi in detail we've never heard before.

8 Great

Rockumentary Round-up – Everyone from Alice to Zappa

We take a look at some of the best rock music documentaries of 2020. Zappa is out on November 23, 2020, while the rest are currently streaming. Zappa Alex Winter of Bill and Ted fame is the dogged dir...

10 Perfect

‘Time’ Review & Interview: Director Garrett Bradley and Fox and Rob Rich Talk About Changing the Narrative and Keeping Hope Alive

Entrepreneur Fox Rich spends the last two decades campaigning for the release of her husband, Rob G. Rich, who is serving a 60-year prison sentence for a robbery they both committed in the ear...

AFI Fest 2020 Review: ‘Citizen Penn’ is Celebrity Philanthropy Done Right

Sean Penn is no William Hearst. In fact, the two-time Academy Award winner is the fundamental opposite of the newspaper tycoon whose life inspired Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane. Rather than drown i...

7 Good

AFI Fest 2020: ‘Whirlybird’ Recalls LA’s Memorable Moments Through a Deeply Personal Story

The sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles comes alive in new ways in Matt Yoka’s poignant and reflective documentary, Whirlybird. Zoey Tur and Marika Gerrard reminisce and examine their life toget...

7 Good

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