Mothers of Monsters

Review: M.O.M.(Mothers of Monsters) – A Chillingly Realistic Thriller

Mark Krawczyk takes a look at M.O.M. (Mothers of Monsters), a new found footage thriller that explores the home life of a potential school shooter from the perspective of hidden cameras placed around ...

Review: ‘The Hunt’ Presents The Most Dangerous Deplorables

Aaron Neuwirth reviews The Hunt, a film pitting very distinct groups against each other, with a giant dose of dark humor to go along with all of the bloodshed.

7 Good

The Invisible Man Review: Elisabeth Moss Scares Up Her Best Performance Yet

Scott Menzel reviews The Invisible Man starring Elisabeth Moss.

Review: Come to Daddy is All About Blood Relatives

Staci Layne Wilson reviews Come to Daddy starring Elijah Wood.

Review: Terrific, Terrifying Universal Monster Revealed In ‘The Invisible Man’ Update

Aaron Neuwirth reviews the modern update of The Invisible Man from writer/director Leigh Whannell, starring Elisabeth Moss as a women taking on an unseen menace.

8 Great
The Dawn

Review: “The Dawn” (2020) is an Indie Thriller That Will Possess You.

Mark Krawczyk confesses his thoughts on the new indie horror thriller from Director Brandon Slagle and starring Devanny Pinn called "The Dawn"

9 Amazing

Review: ‘Queen & Slim’ Takes Scenic Route Through Troubled Times

Aaron Neuwirth reviews Queen & Slim, an intimate look at the intense fallout of a situation gone bad, starring Daniel Kaluuya and Jodie Turner-Smith.

8 Great

Review: Something’s Afoot In Rian Johnson’s Clever ‘Knives Out’

Aaron Neuwirth reviews Knives Out, a Rian Johnson whodunnit with an all-star cast that delivers a lot of fun.

8 Great

Review: Boseman Brings Weight To Standard Cop Drama ‘21 Bridges’

Aaron Neuwirth reviews 21 Bridges, a cop drama featuring Chadwick Boseman doing solid work in a familiar story.

6 Fair

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