SDFF Review: ‘The Kill Team’ Presents Hazy Danger

Aaron Neuwirth reviews The Kill Team, a war drama based on true events, which screened at the 2019 San Diego International Film Festival.

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Review: The Humorous Diary Of ‘Jojo Rabbit’

Aaron Neuwirth reviews Jojo Rabbit, the World World II coming-of-age comedy about a boy who has Hitler as an imaginary friend but has his world turned upside down after meeting a Jewish girl.

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Review: ‘Overlord’ Brings You To Hell And Back

Hitting right between a month many reserve for horror and the big holiday blockbusters set to arrive alongside various award contenders is Overlord, a gnarly genre-bender that kicks down the doors and...

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Rambo III’s 30th Anniversary: Stallone Again, Naturally

May 25 is an important movie anniversary for lot’s of people. May 25 falls on a Friday again this year, so it’s nice to have more new movies debuting in the wake of such classics.  I am talking, of co...

Exclusive Interview: Director Saul Dibb on Journey’s End

This weekend’s new film Journey’s End tells the story of a squad of British soldiers in a bunker in World War I. They are waiting for a call to battle, but present day viewers may know exactly when th...

Review: Hemsworth’s Horse And The ’12 Strong’

It is often hard to have things both ways. This reflects real life just as much as it speaks for how to take in movies. 12 Strong is the latest example. It succeeds at being an exciting war-action mov...

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6 Things We Learned About ’12 Strong’ from Chris Hemsworth and the Cast

Kit Bowen discusses 6 things that she learned about "12 Strong" from Chris Hemsworth as well the cast and crew of the film.


Foxtrot Movie Review: Mourner’s Kaddish

Every Israeli film I’ve ever seen has been good. Granted, they pick their best movie every year and send it abroad, but I’ve vibed with the Israeli filmmakers whose films made it over here. So no pres...

Last Flag Flying Review: The Devil in The Detail

Last Flag Flying does a great job introducing its characters and their dynamic. There is a lot of potential for the natural conflict that ensues, however the second half of the film ends up tying ever...

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