Review: Preacher 3×06, “Les Enfants du Sang”

Aaron Neuwirth reviews Preacher, season 3, episode 6, "Les Enfants du Sang" in which Cassidy deals with a nice vampire.

It’s interesting how we are three seasons into Preacher and just now exploring what it means for Cassidy to be a vampire. Previous seasons have touched upon this. Season one dealt with Cassidy’s problems with sunlight and a need for blood to sustain himself. The second season had him dealing with his son, who was an old man. “Les Enfants du Sang” goes into what it means on a psychological level for Cassidy. That’s quite interesting, as Cassidy has remained interesting, even when the show has little for him to do. The rest of the episode is fine, but with Jesse and Tulip stuck in a bit of a holding pattern in Angelville, while dealing with souls and what not, I’m happy to see a little more focus on the Children of Blood.

There’s a lot that makes this group quite funny. Currently, in the season, Preacher is going out of its way to be funny. I suppose that’s a good thing, as opposed to dealing with characters feeling bad for themselves non-stop. Fittingly enough, that’s Cassidy’s general thing. As fun as he is, he also puts on the persona of being an asshole, because his self-loathing is a big part of the character. Placing him in an environment where everyone around him is a wannabe vampire or the real deal and loving it is pretty perfect.

The whole thing banks on Eccarius being a character that works. Low and behold he does. Here’s a guy who enjoys being what he is and is rather friendly. Sure, he may dress like a Lestat reject (as well as speak like an Anne Rice character), but we’ve yet to see the other shoe drop as far as any potential evil going on with him and his followers. Cassidy, of course, rejects all of this, even after Eccarious shows him other vampire powers that we have yet to see (flying, shape-shifting, etc.), but it also leads to some poignancy for the episode.

Cassidy’s crush (obsession?) over Tulip has not been my favorite aspect of the series, but the two have good chemistry. Their conversation is a mix of ease and concern, so the fact that Cassidy realizes it may be better to go back with the Children of Blood, instead of continually doing crack at least means some direction is being applied. We’ll have to wait and see how far things go as far as determining with the group meetings, held in one of the member’s basements, will lead to something more sinister.

In the meantime, the rest of the episode mostly deals with Jesse and Tulip’s prolonged stay in Angelville. This week it’s a matter of saving Miss Marie’s life via an elaborate bank heist. There are some fun moments here, especially when it comes to seeing Tulip, in a blonde wig, learn that the safety deposit boxes are opened via saliva. Still, compared to the thrills in last week’s “The Coffin,” much of this feels like a delay in time before something genuinely significant takes place to upset the balance of things between Jesse and his relatives.

Starr also has some fun this week, which works entirely because of how solid Pip Torrens is on this show. We get another excellent hat for him to wear, along with an acknowledgment that his injured head does make him look like a walking penis. The All-Father is back as well, disgusting as ever, but with more ideas of a purpose coming from his presence. Starr, a man of ambition, is looking to take over control from this very fat man. In the meantime, we at least know All-Father’s presence is a sign of progress towards Jesse and Starr coming back together again, possibly putting us back on track with the show’s original goal of finding God, let alone allowing Jesse to use his superpower.

I think an aspect of what’s holding this season back is the investment in what goes on in and around Angelville. It’s good that this show likes to have fun, but I can only deal with so much goofiness from T.C. and Jody when the show also wants me to view them as real threats. Late in the episode, Madam Sabine becomes a big part of the drama and is killed, but I had little reaction to it. Whether it’s because of the setup involving a soul-draining machine or just not being prepared to be in with Jesse’s struggles in all of this, I’m more waiting for our core trio to move on than anything else.

We’re past the halfway point in this season of Preacher, so I can only hope things move in a more stable direction. Everyone is undoubtedly lined up to factor into each other’s lives in a variety of ways. Hopefully, that means solving dilemmas related to these characters, removing some threats, and adjusting the direction of things. If that also naturally fits in Eugene and his new foster parent, well I guess that’s a plus too.

Preachin’ To The Choir:

  • Speaking of which, Eugene is back from Hell and now the adopted son of The Saint of Killers. So those two should be fun together.
  • Eccarius ate an owl. There’s nothing clever to say about this; I just wanted to acknowledge it.
  • “Well, it is New Orleans sir.” – Hoover is dumb enough to be still alive, but he gets in some great lines.
  • T.C. plan for distracting the police made me laugh.
  • “We robbed a bank with some spit!” – Tulip’s line of the night.

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