Author: Justin Nordell

Justin learned to read from the film titles on his family's VHS and Betamax tapes, slept every night with a stuffed Gizmo from Gremlins, and grew up equally glued to a VCR and gallivanting in the woods of Pennsylvania. He's a horror nut from his father letting him pick out ANYTHING he wanted at Blockbuster and a classics guru from his grandmother sitting him down in front of every film she had ever taped off of cable. A physical media junkie, Justin's Blu Ray and DVD collection stands at well over 4,000 and counting (and we don't need to go into his books and vinyl). While Justin's taste is questionable (why aren't Jules and Jim and Drop Dead Gorgeous next to each other on your Top 10 list?), his love and appreciation for film and character are deep. Formerly of the Philadelphia Film Festival and an ADR Director, Justin currently works as Executive Director of the Philadelphia Folksong Society.

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