sydney Sweeney

‘Welcome to the Blumhouse’ Review: Amazon’s Four Fright Flicks Appraised

Welcome to the Blumhouse is a collection of four unsettling genre films that tap into our deepest fears. Welcome to the Blumhouse is available exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

6 Fair

Review: ‘Big Time Adolescence’ Delivers Big Time Indie Comedy Vibes

Aaron Neuwirth reviews Big Time Adolescence, the comedy that gives Pete Davidson his first major leading role.

7 Good
Big Time Adolescence

Sundance 2019: Big Time Adolescence Movie Review – Breaking Postgrad

A lot of actors come out of SNL and have lucrative film careers playing overgrown manchildren. Adam Sandler and Will Ferrell are still going, Chris Farley would still be had he lived and Rob Schneider...

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