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Ranked: Marvel Cinematic Universe Films

Daniel Rester ranks every Marvel Cinematic Universe film, including the latest MCU entries 'Captain Marvel,' 'Avengers: Endgame,' and 'Spider-Man: Far From Home.'

Soul to Keep

Review: ‘Soul to Keep’ is a Devilishly Good Time

Mark Krawczyk reviews 'Soul to Keep', a new demonic possession horror movie out on V.O.D. April 2nd. Find out why he thinks this scary story is a keeper.

9 Amazing

Review: ‘Escape Room’ Provides Okay-At-Best Escapism

Daniel Rester reviews the thriller 'Escape Room,' starring Taylor Russel and Logan Miller and directed by Adam Robitel.

5.8 Average

‘Halloween’ Films Ranked

Daniel Rester ranks the films in the long-running horror series "Halloween" from worst to best.

Halloween H20’s 20th Anniversary: H2020!

There is a new Halloween coming out this year with Jamie Lee Curtis returning. It is ignoring every sequel which is bittersweet for Franchise Fred. I’m excited for it as it gives Curtis another go and...

Randy Bachman talks about his new album, paying tribute to George Harrison, and his tour. 

Staci Layne Wilson talks with Randy Bachman about his album By George, paying tribute to George Harrison, and his current tour.

Franchise Fred Review – Kung Fu Panda: The Emperor’s Quest at Universal Studios

Franchise Fred approves theme park spinoffs of movie franchises. They may not be canon but they give us another short entry in our favorite stories. Even better, they usually give us a chance to be IN...

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story 25th Anniversary

I saw the Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story before I’d ever seen a real Bruce Lee movie. I had just discovered Brandon Lee in the previous year’s Rapid Fire (with Showdown in Little Tokyo on HBO around the ...

Steven Spielberg Films Ranked – by Daniel Rester

We Live Entertainment's Daniel Rester ranks all of master filmmaker Steven Spielberg's films from worst to best.

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