Review: Disney’s Ready Player ‘Ralph’

Packed to the gills with references to movies, video games, social media services, viral videos, and online culture in general, Ralph Breaks the Internet seemed primed to offer a lot of good fun and w...

7 Good

Rose Byrne on Instant Family, Foster Care, and Adoption

Scott Menzel chats with Rose Bryne about Instant Family.

Instant Family Review: The Biggest Surprise of the Year

Scott Menzel reviews Instant Family which opens in theaters on Friday.

9 Amazing
The Grinch (2018) - Movie Review

Review: ‘The Grinch’ Gifts Some Respect to Dr. Seuss’ Green Meanie for a New Generation

Matt Marshall reviews Illumination Entertainment's 'The Grinch,' the third and latest retelling of Dr. Seuss' classic Christmas tale.

7 Good

Review: The Fun, Slight, ‘Long Dumb Road’

Playing into a familiar setup for a comedy only goes so far, depending on who is involved. This is most importantly a factor when it comes to casting. The Long Dumb Road is a road trip movie with a mi...

6 Fair

David Kerr on Rowan Atkinson, Johnny English Strikes Again , and Comedy

Scott chats with David Kerr about Johnny English Strikes Again.

Review: ‘Stan & Ollie’ Were Thicker Than Water

If there’s one thing a good biopic can do, it is help to cement a legacy even further. While there’s a tendency to publish the legend over the truth when it comes to proper representations through dra...

7 Good

These 2 Subplots Were Cut Out of Parenthood

Parenthood was one of those movies I watched every day once I recorded it on VHS. I probably hadn’t seen it in 20 years but it was remarkable how I still remembered the film shot for shot when it scre...

Universal Classic Monsters 30 Film Blu-ray

Franchise Fred Vs. the Universal Monsters: The Invisible Man

My next stop in the Universal Classic Monsters 30 Film Blu-ray set was the Invisible Man franchise. I had only seen the Claude Rains original so I was excited to see where they went with new stories a...

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