‘IF’ Review: Can You Believe In An Imaginary Mess?

A young girl named Bea, who has been going through a troubling experience in her life, unexpectedly gains the ability to see people's imaginary friends (referred to as "IFs" for short) who have been a...

4 Poor
the fall guy

‘The Fall Guy’ Review: Funny, Stunt-Filled, Action-Comedy Kicks Off Summer

After leaving the business one year earlier, battle-scarred stuntman Colt Seavers springs back into action when the star of a big studio movie suddenly disappears. As the mystery surrounding the missi...

‘The Fall Guy’ Review: Explosive Stunts, Dynamite Chemistry

He’s a stuntman, and like everyone in the stunt community, he gets blown up, shot, crashed, thrown through windows, and dropped from the highest of heights, all for our entertainment. And now, fresh o...

7 Good

‘Abigail’ Review: Shall We Vamp?

The film focuses on a group of kidnappers who capture and must watch over Abigail, the daughter of a powerful underworld figure from whom they demand a $50 million ransom. However, they soon get more ...

6 Fair

‘Sasquatch Sunset’ Review: More Sweet Comedy Than Gross Out Humor

In the misty forests of North America, a family of Sasquatches—possibly the last of their enigmatic kind— embark on an absurdist, epic, hilarious, and ultimately poignant journey over the course of on...

‘Abigail’ Review: A Bloody Good Time

After a group of would-be criminals kidnap the 12-year-old ballerina daughter of a powerful underworld figure, all they have to do to collect a $50 million ransom is watch the girl overnight. In a...

8.5 Great

‘The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare’ Review: Where Ritchie Dares

Billed as a true story about a secret British World War II organization; the Special Operations Executive. Founded by Winston Churchill, their irregular warfare against the Germans helped to cha...

7 Good

‘Wicked Little Letters’ Review: A Bawdy and Funny British Comedy

When Edith and her fellow residents begin to receive wicked letters full of hilarious profanities, foul-mouthed Rose is charged with the crime. However, as the town's women investigate the crime thems...

SXSW 2024: ‘Omni Loop’ is a Winning and Wondrous Tale about Time

A woman from Miami decides to solve time travel to go back and be the person she always intended to. 

8 Great

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