The “Sing-Along Sound of Music” is One of My Favorite Things!

Kevin Taft previews the "Sing-Along Sound of Music" event that is coming to the Hollywood Bowl on September 16, 2023.

Every year, the Hollywood Bowl celebrates truly one of the most perfect films of all time with its annual “Sing-A-Long Sound of Music” event.

Hosted by actress/comedian Melissa Peterman, the night doesn’t just start with the iconic film. No. There’s an endlessly fun 90-minute costume parade beforehand with some of the most inventive and clever costumes based on the film you’ve ever seen. (One year saw someone dress up as the infamous carburetor taken out of the Nazi’s car by two devious nuns.)

The stalwart and hilarious host riffs with the contestants and the audience throughout, oftentimes in a themed get-up of her own.

Did I mention there were prizes, too?

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Peterman also schools the audience prior to the film about the bag of interactive items that they can use throughout the film. There’s a “popper” to pull when the Captain and Maria get married, there’s a card that has pictures of a flibbertigibbet and willo‘-thewisp to hold up during “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria,” and a piece of Edelweiss to hold during the beloved song.

There are instructions on who to hiss at (Rolf and the Baroness), when to hold your phones up (“Edelweiss” obviously), and, of course, there are lyrics on screen so you can sing along with ease.

The Hollywood Bowl is one of the best places to witness the warmth and spectacle of the legendary musical. Hearing the 17,000-plus audience singing along to “I Have Confidence,” “My Favorite Things,” and even “The Lonely Goatherd” is a total treat. And seeing how much adoration people have for the film’s cast (Julie and the kids) and the characters (the Captain was a hottie) is a delight.

Hearing and feeling the love that everyone has for the movie – all of the audience genially coming together to express it – is something not to be missed!

Tickets are still on sale for this event, which occurs Saturday, September 16th.
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Kevin is a long-time movie buff with a wide variety of tastes and fixations in the film world. He cried the moment Benji appeared onscreen in “Benji,” and it took him about four times to finally watch “The Exorcist” (at age 24) without passing out. “Star Wars: A New Hope” was the movie that changed everything and when his obsession with films and filmmaking began. A screenwriter himself (one long-ago horror script sale to New Line remains on a shelf), his first film "Two Tickets to Paradise" that he co-wrote premiered in June 2022 on Hallmark. He is currently working on another for the iconic brand.

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