‘The Cleansing Hour’ Interview: Kyle Gallner

In the new thriller, The Cleansing Hour, director Damien LeVeck explores a fresh approach to bringing demons, devils, and exorcisms to the horror genre. The film stars Ryan Guzman and Kyle Gallner as an online priest and his producer faking live exorcisms on their popular – but not popular enough – internet series. And yes, these performances are simply that… until they aren’t. Things get vicious when a real demon decides it wants to play. The impressive fright flick also features the talented Alix Angelis. The actress takes on the intensive role of a terrified woman overtaken by a demonic force. Not only does the film manage to bring a fresh coat of bloody paint to the possession sub-genre it also highlights yet another fantastic performance from Mr. Gallner. If you haven’t noticed, the actor has made some fascinating choices throughout his career, and he continues to impress.

Kyle’s career is especially varied and exciting as of late. Over the past few years, he’s appeared in Band of Robbers, The Cleanse, Zen Dog, and “Dinner in America.” And even more exciting, the man is damn good at taking on the scary stuff. From his early years with The Haunting in Connecticut to Jennifer’s Body, as well as A Nightmare on Elm Street, Red State, and his latest, he’s added a bit of legitimacy to fright flicks. Gallner is also attached to the upcoming return of Scream. And thankfully, we had the wonderful opportunity to talk with him via Zoom about working in horror and bringing a sense of realism to the material. We chatted about living in this unusual time and how that has changed the promotional side of movie-making. Kyle Gallner is not only wonderfully talented thespian, but he’s also one of the kindest and most sincerely decent dudes working in Hollywood. And make sure you check out The Cleansing Hour on your favorite streaming channel.

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James Oster, aka JimmyO, started his career as a film reviewer at Arrow in the Head in 2006. There, he brought his movie knowledge and admiration of cinema to giving his own take on all types of horror features. From there, he officially joined JoBlo.com (in addition to AITH) where he became one of the three major critics for the site. Thanks to the connections he has made, Jimmy has managed to take his love of movies to another level. In the past couple of years, he has produced the Oklahoma horror mystery THE HARVESTERS, written and directed by Nick Sanford. And this October,, the twisted holiday thriller he co-wrote and co-produced called SICK FOR TOYS will be released on streaming VOD and Blu-Ray. Jimmy is a proud and passionate member of the HCA where he looks forward to continuing to share his passion for the art of film.

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