Enter to Win a ‘Boogie’ Prize Pack

In celebration of Eddie Huang’s Boogie being released on PVOD today, We Live Entertainment and Focus Features are joining forces to give away some awesome merchandise tied to the film.

We are giving away two Boogie Prize packs which will include the following swag:

A sweatshirt from the film (we have one in small and one in large)

A hat representing the Dragons, the team from the film:

A Boogie tote bag:

Boogie dominos

Plus a digital rental code to check out the film for free on FandangoNow

All you have to do to enter is share this page with your followers on social media saying that you entered the We Live Entertainment Boogie Giveaway. Be sure to tag #BoogieMovie on Twitter and/or Instagram while doing so.

In order to officially enter this contest, you must submit the following giveaway form with some basic information about yourself so we will know where to send the cool swag to.

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Born in New Jersey, Scott Menzel has been watching film and television since he was three years old. Growing up, he watched as many movies as he could and was highly influenced by the films of Tim Burton, John Hughes, Robert Zemeckis, and Steven Spielberg. Scott has an Associate's Degree in Marketing, a Bachelor's in Mass Media, Communications, and a Master's in Electronic Media. He has been writing film reviews under the alias of MovieManMenzel since 2003 and started his writing career as a contributing critic at IMDB.com and Joblo.com. In 2009, Scott launched MovieManMenzel.com where he posted several of his film reviews but in 2011 decided to shut down the site when he launched We Live Film.com. In 2015, We Live Film became We Live Entertainment. The domain name change occurred after months of debate but was done so that he and his fellow staff members could write about anything and everything in the world of entertainment.

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