The Man Who Invented Christmas Review: An Inspiring & Magical Story of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

The Man Who Invented Christmas Review: An Inspiring & Magical Story of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

The Man Who Invented Christmas stars Dan Stevens as Charles Dickens, known for his famous stories, particularly A Christmas Carol. The story is a classic and one that has been made into different versions by everyone including Robert Zemeckis, Clive Donner, Edwin L. Marin and even, the Muppets. In The Man Who Invented Christmas we get a behind the scenes look into the magical creation of the story as Charles Dickens struggles through his problems and life. The result is pure magic.

Dan Stevens will take your breath away as Charles Dickens. He is inspirational and real and brings to life the magic and wonder of creativity and writing. We see his turmoil as he struggles through creating each character and paragraph. We watch his anguish as he confronts his personal demons brought to life by his characters. It is indeed enchanting and magical. His performance is nuanced, and with each scene, we see a different part of Dickens from the loving father and husband, to an intolerable artist shutting out the world. Each moment is filled with excitement and suspense as we see the wonder of creation and an entire world come to life from the mind of a single man.

The casting in the film is superb. The actors truly embody their characters and further enhance the world that director, Bharat Nalluri has created. When almost every role in the film inspires a truly classic story, the casting has to be perfect. Amy Hubbard, as casting director, has stunned with casting. Jonathan Pryce as John Dickens is a perfect choice. His performance demonstrates the struggles and love that we have with our loved ones. Christopher Plummer is spectacularly haunting as Scrooge. He epitomizes the character that we have all known and come to love. 

The set design and costume design work perfectly together to create a world that is both real and surreal at the same time. As these apparitions of characters begin to appear to Charles Dickens, the set design lends itself to create a world that straddles both the possible and impossible. This is a testament to the set and costume designers to create a world that easily functions as both backgrounds; truly a spectacular design.


The way in which the filmmakers chose to bring the characters of A Christmas Carol to life is just fantastic. It has its own sense of enchantment, demonstrating the real magic of the creative mind. It gives the audience a greater appreciation for creation and artistry through film, and that is a fantastic accomplishment. You leave the film not only with a rekindled spirit of Christmas as we know it but a reignited passion for creation, art, music, and especially writing.

The Man Who Invented Christmas is a truly sensational story of the creation of Christmas as we know it and a wonderful addition to the holiday season. This must-see holiday classic reminding us of the magic of Christmas is sure to warm your heart and bring you into the holiday season renewed and appreciative of our family, friends, and loved ones.

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