“Wasteland” – Review by Dean Searle

By Dean Searle
Wow! One word to describe me thoughts after watching Wasteland. As Lily Carter is one of my favourite people on the planet, not just because of her astounding sexual displays also from the glimpse of the actual woman in interviews, I was excited to see this erotic feature.

I call it an erotic feature because to label it a porno is frankly insulting. Not that there is anything wrong with other porn, I for one love it all. But society’s image of a movie when described as a porno is not what you’d expect going into Wasteland.

The direction, acting, cinematography and music were all great and better than a lot of mainstream films I’ve seen this year. Although there are slight lapse in the acting where it could of been tighter, there are also moments of mesmerizing brilliance. Lily Carter took my breathe away and engulfed my attention… and this was at points where she wasn’t even naked! Lily has a reasonably long monologue that is heartfelt and packed with emotion. It brought me to tears. I rarely cry at any film so imagine my surprise to find my favourite pornstar illiciting that emotion. She is the Queen of porn in my eyes but as much as it would pain me and many others, if she quit and went into mainstream acting; she could certainly hold her own. I’d happily watch that career develop. With coaching and practice, I have no doubt she’d become a star. The already has the Hollywood starlet look down, Megan Fox who? All that said, Lily Labeau should not be forgotten. The woman shows plenty of acting chops of her own. Wasteland is more Lily C’s story so she gets more to get her teeth into but Labeau plays her character competently. I believed she was Jackie and not Lily Labeau, which when you think about it, isn’t that what acting is all about?

Graham Travis’ direction astounded me. The whole film reminded me of Shame, which received massive critical praise. So, take that comparison how you will.

Problems? Well, the script had room for improvement. Even though I was fully engaged in the story and characters, more dialogue would’ve heightened the film’s quality. There seemed to be an issue with the audio levels on speech as well so the sound guy/s need to perfect their craft.

I should also probably mention the sex. Yes, it was hot. The scenes weren’t much longer than those you would find in an indie film such as Shame. They were cut down to pace the film better. Except for the final club scene but like a martial arts or dance movie, the ending should have a big payoff showcasing the lead’s talents. The full scenes are available on a second disc though., which obviously are well worth checking out. The two Lilys are some of the best in the business after all and their male and female co-stars bring the heat to the table too.

I am still thinking about this film now and not because of the sex. Although, I will be sure to revisit those moments of beauty. However, what really stayed with me was the relationship between these two beautiful women. This film has plenty of themes other than sex such as friendship, betrayal, loneliness and more. It’s those themes plus Anna and Vicky’s relation to them that this film left me with.

Wasteland hits you in a myriad of areas, from your pants, all the way up to your head through your heart, and it hits them all HARD.

Rating: 8/10

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